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Inferno Haze F2

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Official Information / Basics about Inferno Haze F2 from Gage Green Genetics

Strain Name
Inferno Haze F2
Gage Green
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~56 days
No feminized seeds.

Spread the heat with the latest incarnation of our legendary line. The Inferno Haze F2 will provide more opportunity for phenotype selection. Truly one of the most powerful medicinal strains available. The most potent phenotype will provide a mind-expanding headrush while also relaxing tension and providing physical relief. The effects of the Inferno Haze are felt instantly and persist for several hours.

Discover hidden traits and expressions with the F2 and draw from the best genetic characteristics from the Fire OG and Afghan Haze lineage. Our selection from the F1 led us to the discovery of the two exquisite parents used in this cross. Expect truly crazy and unique results from these two champions. The F2 generation will display phenotyes ranging from both Haze and OG dominant plant structure. Expect a variety of bud types to select from and a variety of possible smells including sweet cedar, pine, lemons, fuel, rubber, and pepper.

Genetic: Fire OG x Afghan Haze
iNDICA/sATIVA: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Flowering time: 7-9 Weeks
Yield: High
Very strong medicinal qualities.

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