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Strain: Indian Skunk
Breeder: Seedsman
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~70 days
No feminized seeds.

Seedsman - Indian Skunk

Genetics: South Indian Kerala x Skunk No. 1
AKA: "Kerala Krush"
Variety: Mostly Sativa (87.5%)
Type: F1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: Late-October
Flowering Period: 10 weeks
THC Content: 13-15%
No. of Seeds Per Packet: 10
Characteristics: Early Maturation

South Indian Kerala was bred by Sacred Seeds in the late 1970s and is one of the finest sensimillas to be found anywhere in the world.

It was crossed with Skunk No.1 by Sacred Seeds to give an earlier maturation and bigger yield. It has the look of skunk with the taste and smells of India.

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Known Phenotypes:
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1.: short, compact, slowly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype #1

For this strain we got input by 1 user(s). Here a short overview:

Flowering Time Indoor: 76 - 76 days (~76 days)
Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is slightly above average.
General Impression Indoor: is all together extraordinary and quite recommendable.
Strength / Lasting Effect: The weed is strong and long lasting.
Votings of our users: Indian Skunk gets 7.33 of 10 possible Points in the average!

Where can you get this strain?

Indian Skunk from Seedsman is available only as regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not available at the moment. We found 1 offer for EUR 20.00

1 x regular 10 x regular
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User-Comments about this strain:

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Aroma: Fruity Pebbles and Lilacs

Straight ahead speed weed. There is no body only high. Clear mind and clarity. No fuzzy thoughts. Chatterbox. Enhances your positive personality traits. For example, if you have the gift of humor, you'll be even funnier. If you are a gentle soul, you'll be even gentler. It feels like it is easier to be your best self, and find the groove of expressing your best self. With my friends I feel like I've known them since birth and we are eternal friends.

Years ago I worked at Starbucks Coffee and was responsible for opening in the morning, usually 4:30 or 5 am. My ritual was one double shot at open, one double shot mid-shift break, one double shot 30 minutes before shift change. Six doubles a day, everyday takes a toll: Heart palpitations, stomach acid, head-aches, and withdrawal. Now I can only tolerate a half-cup of coffee if I'm lucky. So imagine my joy when I first tripped with the Indian Sativa and found that this strain hits hard like the end of that sixth double shot. I feel as alert and amped as I did before my coffee addiction got ugly and the best part is there are none of the negative side-effects of coffee.


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