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Haze Skunk

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Official Information / Basics about Haze Skunk from Dutch Flowers

Strain Name
Haze Skunk
Dutch Flowers
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~63 days
No feminized seeds.

Haze/Skunk is a true classic. Awesome original Positronics Haze #19 (father of our Apollo Trip) crossed with the authentic vintage Skunk #1. Most of our early breeding efforts were made just trying to defeat this cross... and it's a very tough job even today. Painstaking parent selection out of dozens of already selected prospective individuals has resulted in a phenotype that is remarkably easy to grow, yet retains all the wonderful sativa qualities in the high. Sparkling clear, cerebral and totally up, lucid and visual effects. Taste is sweet and very smooth, with a haunting sour & metallic flavor. Very good yielder of thick oily buds, often bigger than two to three beer cans tape together.

Merciless Darwinian selection was employed to select prospective parents and breed out typical Haze quirkiness, ensuring exceptional vigor and optimum health instead. Notably quick finishing for a Haze, takes 8 to 10 weeks to flower depending on individual selected, growing conditions and the genetic age of the clone mother. This is the epitome of the head stash strain for personal consumption, and a top Haze choice for commercial gardens.
(thanks to B-O-H for the info)

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