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Green Poison

Green Poison (Sweet Seeds) Taste

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Here you can find information about the Taste of the cannabis strain Green Poison from Sweet Seeds, collected by the users of the SeedFinder. Please click onto the chart/cloud to find similar strains.

Sweet; Sugar; Honey; Chocolate; Marshmallow; Sour; Citrus; Lemon; Sweet Lemon; Lime; Lemon Grass; Grapefruit; Spicy; Hot; Mint; Herbs; Ginger; Dill; Cloves; Parsley; Fennel; Bitter; Chemical; Coughsyrup; Glue; Diesel; Organic; Cucumber; Chives; Onion; Garlic

This information was drawn from the data of 2 users. Thanks to: kafer, BeBright

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