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Strain: Galactic Cherries
Breeder: Andromeda Strains
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~63 days
No feminized seeds.

Andromeda Strains - Galactic Cherries

Planet Plush x Cherry Sauce

PlanetPlush is a PlushBerry x FireAlien seed bred by @ExoticGenetix. Originally grown by @Billythekid556 and finally gifted to us #Andromeda_Strains . Such an awesome colored girl! She's greasy and extra frosty with a pungent lemon fuel smell. A super, oily, resinous, sticky plant, that really packs on some serious weight during weeks 7 & 8.
Below: CherrySauce Left Female, Right CherrySauce male

CherrySauce: Is a combination of “Cherry Pie” and “The Sauce” that @Large_bud of #Andromeda_Genetics created a while back, from a spectacular CherryPie seed, which was then pollenated by his specifically chosen male pheno of “TheSauce” from ExoticGenetix.” This, “The Sauce” stud was chosen because of his short stature, fast growing time, pungent smell and thick resin producing leaves, ( TheSauce = GorillaGlue4 X GreenRibbonBX ) through our patient network at #Andromeda_Genetics, we then grew many seeds of our CherrySauce creations. We found two special female gems and a number of male studs. After many trial runs in flowering we finally chose our Keeper male. He has an awesome GorillaGlue structure, yet not quite as tall, a CherryPie smell, Purple Calyx’s and extremely heavy pollen production.

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