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Strain Name
Funk #1
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly indica
~62 days
No feminized seeds.

Aka: Cheeze bx
Breeder: Dank Dairy Seeds (Pistils)

Lineage: (Uk Clone Only Cheese x TGA Dannyboy) x cheese x cheese
Stabilized Polyhybrid

Parental Information: Cheese bx project stage 3

Uk Clone only cheese is a topic of much controversy with various ideas as to it's origins but most will agree it's very probably a skunk #1 clone, personally I think it's a northern lights 9 phenotype as i found a very very similar female to the cheese approximately 4 years after i first aquired the cheese cut, but this strongly leads me to believe the cheese is a freak phenotype from northern lights 9. This was one of my first forays into the cannabis genome and it taught me a lot regarding the importance of proper P1 selection... Have you heard the phrase " any man can make a baby but it takes a special man to make a great father"?, well, the same applies....

So.. It's either skunk#1 or Northern Lights 9 x TGA Dannyboy x cheese

([NL9] or [SK#1] = Cheese x (killerQ x [C99 x Ortega] = Dannyboy) = cheeseboy

cheese x (cheese x cheeseboy) = cheese bx)

so it's a 2 x back crossed multi polyhybrid with only 3 distinct phenotypes.

Flowering time: (Pheno#1=55-60 days) (Pheno#2= 62-69 days) (Phen#3=62-69 days)

Number of Phenotypes: 3

Pheno 1 (30%)*

Short Cheese type, Tight Noded, slower grower than pheno 2 or 3 pretty slender fingers but very squatt strong stems, rather like a mini xmas tree with dark leaves that point skyward when the plants happy, will produce even clusters in rings of dense, creamy cheesey buds with a very high resin content, thick yellowish pistils. 8 weeks bloom, minimal stretch doesn't even double its height during stretch stage, double serrated fan leaves, tastes like cheese, smells like cheese when the plants are fresh but mellows as it dries, can have an almost candy texture and smell to the tip leaves as they are encrusted and smell really sweet, pudding like.. quite a daydreamy kind of hit from this little powerhouse, creeper type buzz that slowly intensifies until you find yourself staring at things for minutes at a a time..

Pheno 2 (50%)

Med tall plants Slightly less bushy plant with wider fan leaves, not the slender cheese type leaf but less fingers and wider rounded serrations with only a few double serrations displayed. This plant still has the stocky thick stem traits but the nodes are double the distance to that of pheno 1. Quick Growing and fast to bloom, doubling its height in the first 3 weeks of 12/12, matures in 9 weeks, not cheesey at all, more dannyboy ortega type, large buds with a distinct vanilla, creamy but bitter coffee smell, slightly less pronounced resin compared to pheno 1. a typical fat budded skunk type average yielding plant, delivering again candy like flowers that dry to a less sweet and more rounded in appearance to that of Pheno 1. Tastes are mellow, just a nice pleasant sweetness but no particular taste stands out from the others, sort of fruity but no fruit in particular kind of taste pleasant but pleasant high with a relaxed, happy, chilled out, not for working type high.

Pheno 3 (20%)

Very similar to pheno 2 but with more spear shaped buds, still almost vanilla like in smell and are almost greasy looking and slightly heavier to the bud formation of pheno 2, less stout than the other 2 phenos, again 9 weeks until fully ripe, almost limp without support just like the cheese clone but thats the only dominant trait relating to cheese, these are just fat, happy buzz skunks that will deliver a respectable yield and put a grin on your face.

* = represents the best phenotype

I consider this to be a failed project from the point of view that my goal was to lock down the cheese roadkill traits or the very least produce a seedline with a higher ratio of just cheese type plants. having said that, this has resulted in 3 phenotypes of very strong pot with a very unique cheese type phenotype present but with a sensistar, nebula, high sugar resin traits which i would rate as 'very desirable' and well worth keeping a mother of. I have since learnt that you cannot use untested males unless you have lots of space and time to weed out the non desirable trait type plants, my choice of male was flawed from the point of view that it resulted in a lot of very similar in appearance plant types to try and select from which would have been far easier had i chosen an untouched sativa as there would have been a much greater visual difference in appearance in phenotypes making selecting cheese type plants far easier.

Stretch: Pheno#1 = 0.6 / Pheno#2 = 1 / Pheno#3= 1
Resin Profile: High resin
Odour Score: 5
Odour Description: sweet, fruity, pudding like smell with a vanilla creamy cheese phenotype
Flavour Score: 6
Flavour Description: Pleasant tasting weed, nice aftertaste, can have a tickle on the chest and a distinct fruit and coffee exhale
Potency Score: 7
High Type: strong, lasting, body type stone with a thought provoking and day dreamy type high.

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