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Strain: Electric Grape Punch
Breeder: SnowHigh Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~59 days
No feminized seeds.

SnowHigh Seeds - Electric Grape Punch

Electric Grape Punch is a combination of my 2 favorite medicinal purple varieties that are a match made in purple heaven.

Purple Urkel is a renowned favorite strain from Northern California, its a great connoisseur strain which yields well for its stout stature. The medicinal qualities include pain relief, relaxation of muscle spasticity, good mood elevator and a nice psychedelic head.

The Grape Krush is a bushy high yielding indica dominant with a very potent head, strong but tasty grapish terpene profile which will cause you to fiend after her. The high is very euphoric, with a good amount of body high but not too narcotic.

The Electric Grape Punch can be topped, or trained for multiple tops and she will yield heavy, purple crystal laden buds of the highest degree. Phenos will range from the chunky Purple Urkel side to the larger spear shaped flowers of the Grape Krush. Purple phenos will be high but occasional green phenos will present themselves but usually with some purple coloration at maturity.

Flower Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Indica dominant with a mild narcotic effect
Stretch: 1 to 2
Resin production: High to Extreme
Odor: 8
Aroma: Delicious grape dank candy, Purple Koolaid, Grape Kush, wearable as a cologne
Flavor: See aroma, translates well to the palate especially grown in organics.
Potency: 8-9 depending on pheno
High Type: Strong body effect with little narcotic drag, easily enjoyable if you want to socialize, watch or do things or sleep. The high can also be trippy, psychedelic, euphoric, happy, soaring, strong meds for the head.

Genetics: Grape Krush F2 male x Purple Urkel

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