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Strain: Effing Day
Breeder: Mudro Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~68 days
Only female seeds.

Mudro Seeds - Effing Day

Effing Day - a promising new fully independent hybrid feminized cannabis seeds.

Effing Day Nepalese tomboy who can cuddle with a typical girl's tenderness and prigruza if needed. This emancipated young tall beauty has incorporated only the best features from its ancestors.

She has it all: flavor and charisma, external data and fertility. Many just want a dream of this.

She - the ideal - because Effing Day the best of its kind.

The real beauty sometimes reaches 2 meters and brings bambezny harvest! She - a blast!

Effing Day - no one confused. It has a vigorous pungent smell peculiar only to her. Very soft, but quite heavy joining effect says that its emancipation are not just words - as a fact that it is possible to feel alone.

Growing Effingham Day long colas with very, very tight buds. This tomboy just bambezna in all its manifestations. As the saying goes, "good on the inside and the outside ..."

Effing - Day (effing day) - the name of both parts have their own meaning. Vigorous - such spirits taste this young sluts. Day ...- looks like it's her day, where you were welcome ...

Sort Effing Day feminised - chic souvenir that is not for everyone. Be the first to take away the best!

Type: 70 % sativa 30 % indica
Hight: 70-150 cm / 140-200 cm
Harvest: 65 - 72 days / October
THC: 18-20%

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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