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Strain: Dragon's Queen
Breeder: Amadeus Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~55 days
Only female seeds.

Amadeus Genetics - Dragon's Queen

We crossed Master Thai's Green Dragon with Subcool's Querkle fem pollen to combine the excellent painkiller qualitys of the Green Dragon with the incredible aroma / flavor of TGA“s Querkle.

The resulting plants are looking relatively uniform and have compact, very resinous buds that (under good conditons) can be harvested in 50-60 days showing cloudy to amber looking trichomes.

The dried flowers give off a very strong odor, which is preserved in flavor. Depending on the phenotype you will find grapey berry or more spicey tasting plants.

The plants are well suited to SOG.
To get bushyer plants early topping is recommended.
Stretch is about 100 %
Taste: very intense grapey, berry, spicey, - NagChampa PEZ
High: relaxing, calm, nearly to couchlock
Medicinal properties: relaxing, appetizing, painkiller abilities

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