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Double Alien 18

Double Alien 18 (DNA Genetics Seeds) :: StrainReview :: Indoor :: No.95518479983983382 by 46nkid

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46nkid says

Out of a pack of five, I got four variable ladies.

The first one that was harvested, was harvested two weeks earlier than the breeder suggests, but the way she was going looked like she might start throwing nanners soon and I needed the space more than the risk. It is a very ugly looking plant, although looking very OGish and promising during veg.

Will post pictures of the rest of the pack, which are much prettier, when they come down.

Edit: This is the second pack of a DNA OG that I've grown, and not been impressed. The first one was their Florida OG, which was a couple steps above hay. At least I got one keeper out of this pack, but I was hoping for better results. I will try one more pack, before swearing off DNA forever, should it be bad.
(21.05.2019, 19:41)

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