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Strain: Dock's Pide
Breeder: Dixie Underground
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: unknown
Only female seeds.

Dixie Underground Blends - Dock's Pide

Big Poppa's OG meets the reversed Lemon G13 (Ohio legend)
REVERSED (Feminized)
Dock's Pide (BPOG/Lemon G13) is a cross made utilizing the BPOG and the reversed Lemon G13 .The BPOG is a cut that was held by a few individuals at the now defunct CLC forums .....it's a very POTENT OG with a very unique smell and taste with UBER FROST.It looks like a typical OG but that 's where it ends and crossed to the Lemon G13 it's sure to turn some heads with its super potent punch...(pic is seeded BPOG)

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