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Strain: Critical+
Breeder: Bulk Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~50 days
Only female seeds.

Bulk Seeds - Critical+

The most interesting feature of Critical+ is without a doubt the intense aroma and taste that it produces; it smells like fruity skunk, but its smell is very strong which could pose a real problem particularly indoors where the use of carbon filters is a must until it is totally dry and packaged.It grows like a sativa and it looks a sativa with slim, narrow leaves, not too dark, long and quite thin stems for the size of their flowers. It has a lot of side branching with a short internodal distance which improves production. It is advisable to control the height before flowering, due to its tendency to grow rapidly during this period. During this flowering period it shows all its potential, when what looks like a sativa becomes a super-producer that outstrips all other strains. It is great for SCRaG systems; flower development is realty fast and it is ready to harvest in 45/50 days with 12 hours of light indoors.

Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Big Bud x Skunk
Flowering: 46 - 54 Days
Harvest: Medium
Height: Medium, High
THC: High
CBD: Medium

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