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Strain: Critical Automatic
Breeder: Zamnesia
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Flowering: Automatic flowering
~63 days (From seedling to harvest.)

Only female seeds.

Zamnesia - Critical Automatic

A hybrid of intense flavour and distinction, Critical Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds packs in the very best of the Critical cannabis, into what can be best described as autoflowering package. By combining Critical with that of a Ruderalis, the expert cultivators were able to develop a feminized strain that is easy-to-grow, high yielding and potent in effect. Fans of the original Critical will be just as satisfied with this autoflowering version (if not more).
Thanks to Critical Automatic resilient nature, novice growers will have no problems getting to grips with it. The mix of sativa and indica genetics make for a strong plant with the characteristic big, dense buds filled with resin.
In terms of its medical properties, Critical Automatic is great at helping to treat a wide range of ailments including chronic pain, sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, muscle spasms not to mention a whole host of other symptoms.
Although small in stature (growing to around 60cm to 80cm tall), Critical Automatic has a wide and open structure which allows for more light to reach the plant; which in turn results in bigger and better harvests. Speaking of harvests, this feminized phenom produces at lightning quick pace. In the short space of 9 weeks she is capable of yielding 70-80g per plant if not more (depending on conditions).
Critical Automatic builds upon the original Critical foundation perfectly. Her intriguing aroma, sweet taste, strong growth and bountiful yields are just a few reasons why.

Flowering Time: 9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC: Medium
CBD: Low
Yield (indoor): 350-400g/m2
Yield (outdoor): 70-80g/plant
Height Indoor: 60-80cm
Height Outdoor: 90-140cm

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› Critical Automatic (Zamnesia)
› Critical Automatic (Zamnesia)

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