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Strain: Clementine x Tripoli Wicked
Breeder: Madd Farmer Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~60 days
No feminized seeds.

Madd Farmer Genetics - Clementine x Tripoli Wicked

One of our favorite herbs is our Clementine line. Clementine is from two different, but truly unique and stand out Afghani lines rolled into one, giving us the best from both lines. Being a super fast finisher, having super tight internodal spacing, above average yields and the potency to make your brain go HMMMM, Clementine is the perfect breeding specimen to be used with our Tripoli Wicked male. The TripWick male adds a spin to the spicy hash like flavor and terp profile of the Clementine, offering a spin to "spicy citrus" herb. This hybrid is also a very high trichome producing line, making it ideal for those hash and wax makers out there. Tight, dense bud sets with beautiful colorations ranging in the hues of mahogany, burgundy wine, blue and purple are the norm. Of everything tested by MFG in 2013, this cross was in the top 3 of them all and could easily be in the top spot. A personal stash herb for us and one that we grow MUCHO amounts of, at the request of the clubs and patients.

Clementine x Tripoli Wicked
Flower times: Indoor 55-63 days - Outdoor: Mid to late October
Yield: Above average yields
Classification: 65/35 Indica

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Madd Farmer Genetics Clementine x Tripoli WickedMadd Farmer Genetics Clementine x Tripoli Wicked

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