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Strain: Chronic
Breeder: THC Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~46 days
No feminized seeds.

THC Seeds - Chronic

Legendary as far as potency goes itís a 10. Random smokers rate it less because they canít its potency the first few tries. It starts in the head and works itself all over the body. The smoke is heavy and not recommend for novice smokers. Iím a chronic toker and a few hits keeps me going for 3+ hours. Recommended to treat Cancer Patients for itís Pain Numbing Effects.

Do not top plants to encourage multiple big buds, as this strain does not respond well to topping.

A complex cross of AK47 x Skunk and Northern Lights. A mild, sweet smell develops while flowering. Grows as a large single cola. Be sure to take care to dry her buds thoroughly after harvest, as these buds are very dense and full of moisture. Great for commercial growing.

Chronic has some serious flower power. Growing her in hydro will drastically decrease the vegetation stage, requiring only 3-4 days to grow a stem stem, bushy leaves and healthy root system. Chronic wants to grow a huge end bud, and any side buds are much smaller, making it a perfect candidate for the sea of green method. Itís colas is impressively monstrous, getting as big as a girls thigh.

THC: 26.7%
Yield Indoors: 960 g/m2
Yield Outdoors: 880 g/m2
Yield Greenhouse: 920 g/m2
Genetics: AK47 x Skunk and Northern Lights
Cloning: Easy
Height: Medium, Does not respond well to topping
Flowering Indoors Hydro: 6 weeks
Flowering Indoors Soil: 7 weeks
Flowering Outdoors: Mid October
Flowering Greenhouse: Mid October
Medical Uses: Pain Numbing Effects
Smoke Heaviness: Heavy
Flavour: Sweet Dark Sugar
Plant Odor: Mild Sweet Smell
Growís Outdoors: Yes
Growís in Greenhouse: Yes
Grow Difficulty: VERY EASY
Trophy Winner: Yes
Pest Resistant: Yes
Heat and Drought Resistant: Moderate Heat drought ok
Wind Resistant: Yes
Mold Resistant: Yes
Cold Weather/High Altitude: Mederately
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes: 180 Minutes
Time Stoned 5 tokes +: 240 Minute
Type of Stone: Relaxing, Loss of concentration

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