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Strain: Cheese
Breeder: Zativo
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~56 days
Only female seeds.

Zativo - Cheese

A cult favorite, our Cheese is everything a fan could want from this skunky champion. Resulting from the mixing of Skunk and Northern Lights, this cheesy tasting strain takes 8 weeks to flower and produces some bud with a potent kick. Cheese is famous for its very distinctive smell and flavour.

Our Cheese cannabis seeds are one of the finest strains to ever come out of the UK. It is thought that a pioneering group of breeders from London took an original 1980's Skunk and mixed it with the old school Northern Lights. The resulting skunk was one that was so potent and pungent that they called it Cheese.

Due to the geographic location of its conception, Cheese is an all time favorite within the UK, and holds what can only be described as a legendary status there. This is partly because this is also where it was cloned, with no known clones ever leaving the country. It spread like wild fire and quickly became famous for its powerful effects and old school flavors - it gained a legendary status for a reason. Since is spread throughout the global market, Cheese has won itself a Cannabis Cup award.

The Cheese we have to offer is no different. It derives from the original line of Cheese and stays true to its name. We spent a long time hunting down the original genetics and making sure what we were going to offer was only the purest of Cheese.

When you come to smoke this bud it will hit you with the world loved pungent aroma that has made it a cult favorite. The smoke is smooth and is distinctively skunky, leaving you with a strong cheddar cheese taste (the favorite cheese of England!), and follows through with woody undertones.

Cheese marijuana really means business. It will induce a powerful mind and body high that can knock your body to the floor whilst sending your mind flying. The body side of the high will melt through you, easing muscles and relaxing any tension. The cerebral side of things will take your mind to a happy place, causing a pleasant euphoric buzz. It is ideal for sharing with friends somewhere private, where you can all unwind and have some real quality time together – it will have you chatting until the early hours.

Medical users will find that our Cheese will help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, migraines and arthritis.

Our Cheese marijuana seeds grow into some vigorous and hungry cannabis plants. Indoors, they can grow up to 1.5m in height and will take around 8 weeks to flower. It is possible to leave them flowering for an extra 2 weeks - the bud will begin to lose its strong flavor in favor of a much more potent hit when smoked; it all comes down to personal preference really. If you grow Cheese indoors then you can gain a potential yield of between 450-550 g/m2.

If you happen to live in a warmer climate (such as Spain or California), you can grow Cheese outdoors. In this situation she will tower up to heights of 2.5m. She will soak up all the sun and food she can get to become an absolute beast of a plant. Cheese will tower over most other strains when outdoors, making her not such a subtle lady to have about. In an outdoor setting, Cheese becomes ready for harvest around mid-October. You can expect a yield of anywhere up to 250g per plant in an ideal setting.

Whist Cheese's height can make her fairly conspicuous, it is the overpowering, pungent aroma that is going to cause you the most problems. It is highly recommended that if you want to grow Cheese, you do it in a very discreet location, and install adequate filters and ventilation in an indoor setting.

As you can see, our Cheese cannabis seeds have a lot to offer. It is a connoisseur favorite from our brothers across the channel - and should be treated as such. She is a strong grower that will give any grower an immense sense of pride. Be warned though, the sheer potency may take novices by surprise, be sure to ease yourself in if you smoke it!

Genetics: 50% sativa - 50% indica
Flowering period: 8 weeks
THC%: 17%
CBD%: Medium
Yield (indoor): 450-550g/m˛
Height (indoor): 1.5m
Yield (outdoor): 500-600g/plant
Height (outdoor): 2.5m
Harvest time (outdoor): Mid October

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