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California Karma

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Strain Name
California Karma
SoCal Seed Co.
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~67 days
No feminized seeds.

A few years back we were gifted some special beans from a local collectives "The Karma Collective" manger named Aviv. Knowing we were in the seed business they were hoping we could carry on or incorporate the wonderful genetics they felt these seeds possessed. The beans were extremely healthy looking but had no name. Described as "Almost Chemdawg" they immediately caught our interest so we kept them to grow out and see what these special beans had to offer. Well, to our surprise they produced some amazing flower and beautiful plants well suited for indoors. Not quite Chemdawg, not very close at all really, but definitely something special with high medicinal value. Leaning a bit more on the Sativa side this well balanced hybrid possessed sweet tones from it's Sativa ancestors and dank earthy undertones from it's Indica genetic background. Not a real heavy stone but a psychedelic, feel good and social high. You could smoke this herb all day and all night with it's amazing "no celling" quality. Having very useful medicinal qualities we wanted to carry on these traits with a few enhancements added.

Crossing this hybrid to the "Dirty Dawg" male gives a little shorter plant with closer internodes, a bit tighter and heavier flower. While retaining the traits we appreciated, such as the high quality medical value, it's "no celling high" and designed for indoors we incorporated the potency of an Indca stone and created a denser higher yielding flower. As a dedication to Aviv and "The Karma Collective" (no longer in business) we are naming this strain after the collective.

Genetics: The Karma's secret recipe X ChemD/Afghani #1 f1
Sativa/Indica: 65-70% Indica
Indoor: 9-10 Weeks
Odor Level: Average to above average
Stretch: 2x
Yield: Average

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