Strain: CV OG
Breeder: CannaVenture
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~67 days
No feminized seeds.

CannaVenture Seeds - CV OG

A brand new CannaVenture hybrid, thats been in the works for about 2 years now. Its a joint collaberation with Karma Genetics. Karma sent me a decent supply of Bear OG seed, which he considers is his favorite OG hes ever worked on (I can see why).

We put Marvin Gaye in the cd player, hit repeat and left our sexy "Lime" pheno of Flaming Cookies, in a room with a stud Bear OG male. Our Lime cut is our favorite pheno from hundreds of Flaming Cookie seeds.

She is a good yielding lime green colored OG dom cut, with some purple and red colors splashed in. Super dense, rounded flowers that has a strong, over-powering Lemon-Limey, OG Funk taste and smell. Our Lime cut is by far the loudest smelling speciman weve found in the last 2 or so years.

In short, CV OG is a loud reaking OG, with a strong, sturdy open structure that produces great yields of beautiful purple/pink/red colors on a bright, lime green flower. Its a very well rounded OG that has it all. Potentcy. Yields. Taste/Smell. Ease of Growth and Dripping with Bag Appeal 65-70 days.

Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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