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Strain: Blueberry Auto
Breeder: Plantamaster Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: ruderalis/indica
Flowering: ~68 days
Only female seeds.

Plantamaster Seeds - Blueberry Auto

Auto Blueberry - a successful and stable auto-flowering hybrid from the famous "parents" DJ Shorts Blueberry and the original Lowryder. Many manufacturers responded about Blueberry as sensitive to excess fertilizer plant and pointed out that in fact this variety is no strong aroma of fruit.We were not able to solve both problems, but half the wishes already fulfilled.

Auto Blueberry, unfortunately, still quite sensitive to the level of NPK in the substrate and in the solution and does not like heavy fertilizer and thus, must be grown under irrigation fertilizer no more than 70% of the recommended amount per gallon of water.

On the other hand, we were able to obtain and stabilize excellent fruity flavor appearing at flowering and their full potential by smoking. Difficulties with Auto Blueberry following - sensitivity to excessive fertilizer and intolerance to hesitate roots, earth in the pot should never dry out and saved with a slightly damp, and these simple rules are not hard to follow, even for beginners.

Our Jamaican partners recommend to use 5 gallon pots for growing Auto Blueberry indoor light dressing with 4 weeks of life and daily small watering.

The plant produces very resinous and bulky main cola, several secondary branches with plenty of smaller, honoring completely covered in trichomes and has a really tasty and strong fruity and berry flavor. Excellent raw material for hashish, Auto Blueberry is one of the best auto-flowering varieties that we can offer.

Genetics: DJ Short's Blueberry x The original Lowryder
Flowering Time: 68 days
Height: Short, Medium
Harvest: High
THC: High

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