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Strain: Blue Widow
Breeder: Zativo
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~53 days
Only female seeds.

Zativo - Blue Widow

By combining White Widow and Blueberry, we have produced a cannabis strain that has the psychedelic head rush of White Widow and the sweet taste of Blueberry. She takes 8 weeks to flower, ending up as a dazzling, resin covered queen. One of the fruitiest strains in our catalog!

Here at Zativo we are on an eternal quest for new tastes and sensations from our cannabis seeds. Only recently created for our catalog, Blue Widow delivers just that. Through the combination of Blueberry and White Widow we have created our own version of this succulent and sweet strain of marijuana. Made with the connoisseur in mind, this potent weed will take your taste buds on a journey they have never been on before.

The taste and aroma of Blue Widow is outstanding, if there was ever to be a candy version of cannabis, this would be it. It is extremely sweet and has a distinctively fruity aroma and taste. It is like an explosion of fruit in your mouth. The high it induces is a potent, clear headed cerebral buzz. It is stronger than both White Widow and Blueberry, but not as heavy. It is a perfect choice for those needing a bit more clarity - allowing you to focus on tasks at hand whilst maintaining a pleasant and comfortable buzz.

Medical users will find that Blue Widow is great at helping to beat back the symptoms of stress, anxiety, headaches, nausea, mild to moderate pain and a lack of appetite.

Although Blue Widow exhibits strong sativa characteristics, it grows with a definite indica bias when it comes to physical appearance. When grown indoors this strain of cannabis seeds will not often grow higher than 1m, bulking outwards into a Christmas tree like shape. It produces some very large main colas that are tightly packed and coated in a frosty resin.

The flowering time of Blue Widow is roughly 8 weeks and you can expect a yield in the region of 400 g/m2 – quite a decent yield for the amount of time it takes to flower. If you want to grow this outdoors, it will have to be in a greenhouse unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere with a warmer climate, (such as Spain). In this situation Blue Widow can grow up to 2m tall and will be ready fro harvest in early October.

Having strong genetics from two very renowned strains means that Blue Widow is pretty easy to grow, with a decent resilience to mold and pests; this make her an outstanding choice for novice cannabis cultivators looking to grow something that is tolerant to some more novice mistakes, but still delivers a top shelf product.

Blue Widow is one of the fruitiest strains in our catalog. If you like connoisseur quality flavors combined with a strong and pleasant head high, then Blue Widow cannabis seeds may be for you. Be warned though, as mentioned, this strain has been made more powerful than its parents through their unique combination – novice smokers should ease themselves into this or risk being overwhelmed.

Genetics: 60% sativa - 40% indica
Flowering period: 8 weeks
THC%: 17%
CBD%: Medium
Yield (indoor): 350-450g/m˛
Height (indoor): 1.2m
Yield (outdoor): Medium
Height (outdoor): 2m
Harvest time (outdoor): Early October

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