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Strain: Blue Snowdog
Breeder: Oregon Green Seed
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~56 days
No feminized seeds.

Oregon Green Seed - Blue Snowdog

Our Blue Snowdog is a cross between a Snowdog BX1 mother and Breeder Steve’s sativa-dominant Blue Satellite 2.2 dad we’ve used in some of our other outcrosses.

Blue Snowdog is an easy grower both indoors and out. With good resistance to mold and little to no nutrient sensitivity, itg gives the grower the best of both worlds – highly potent medicinal quality weed from a plant that does well indoors or out without much fussing over.

The Snowdog (bx, originally from REZ) was worked by Esben at Hybrids from Hell in Denmark, infusing mold resistance and speed with an outcross to his HP (Core’s Amnesia crossed to Danish and Swiss landrace genetics), then incrossing back to the original Snowdog mother. The result is a Snowdog with all the potency, complexity and depth the original Snowdog is known for, but with a faster flowering time and little to no mold issues. Perfect for the Pacific Northwest outdoor grower.

By pollinating this awesome Snowdog cultivar with our sativa dominant Blue Satellite 2.2 male, we’ve added a berry and forest phenotype into the taste experience while maintaining the potency and medicinal qualities. And although Snowdog can turn beautiful purple hues with colder temps, there’s increased chance of purple phenos with the addition of the Blue Satellite.

Genetics: Snowdog BX1 x Blue Satellite 2.2 (Breeder Steve)
Indica/Sativa: 50/50
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Height: Outdoors 5-7 feet, Indoors controllable
Yield: Medium high – High
Potency: 8.5 – 9
Odor: Low, medium low

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