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Plant-Profile about Blue Mammoth (by Barneys Farm)

This Plant-Profile was generated by 3 single profiles, particular thanks goes to: ballaboyee21, jcannibidol1 and maybehelp

Information about the growth of the plants:

Flowering Time Indoor
Between 54 an 66 days (Average: 60 days.)
Stretch after the initiation of flowering
±67 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 30 cm. - Final Height onto around 50 cm.
Growth Behavior
Side Branches
an average number; into an average length as well as strong and vigorous.
The plants of this Cannabis-Strain...
...can be placed close together. not need much care.
...are tolerant to over- or under-fertilization. not need much fertilizer.
...are not vulnerable to fungal diseases.
...are not susceptible to mold.
...are tolerant of temperature fluctuations.
...have no problems with low temperatures.
...looks and grow more like a Indica.
...are well suited for very low growrooms.
...are well suited for a SoG (See of Green).
...are a good choice for beginners.
...are well suited to Supercropping.
...should not be heavily pruned.
...respond well to the pruning of the main stem.
...can build pre flowers into the growth period.
...should get 24 hours light into the growth period.

Harvest, Yield, Taste, Aroma, strength and effectiveness

Yield / Quantity
The crop of this strain is ordinary.
Buds / Leaves
The ratio of buds to leaves is very good.
Bud Structure
The dried buds are hard and compact.

General Impression

Blue Mammoth (Barneys Farm)

is all together extremely good and very recommendable
(On average 9 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

ballaboyee21 says

Connoisseur smoke for sure! Smells like sour pungent blueberry. Grows very easily with only a small amount of nutrients added. For a sweet pungent taste at the end, I’d highly recommend using molasses and potassium near the end of its flowering cycle. (24.11.2012, 16:48)

jcannibidol1 says

i love this strain... so much so i had to lock up some of the genetics in beans. the lower branches got hit with a sugar haze male i had which had a super blue pheno its self, cant wait to see what the offspring look like. also the pheno of ABM i grew out i did in a micro bonsai lst method. it worked great!!!! it actually started turning purple black in the latter stages of growth and smells like fruity, skunky, coffee. still curing but this stuff gets extreamly frosty during flowering. would recomend it to anyone and will be growing more at some point. (23.08.2012, 18:30)

maybehelp says

Closet grow, very small but strong and bushy, fits perfectly on small spaces, stinks at the end of flowering(last 15 or 20 days), cant enter the room without notice that smell. Side branches are big(if u tie the main stern down) buds are almost the size of a lighter, and the main bud was double that size.

Temperatures inside the closet reach more than 30ºC, so i think that strain can tolerate some heat. The grow started with an 80W CFL light(first 30 days 24h light), then switched to 150W HPS(last 30 days 18/6h). The yeld was impressive for the size of the plant. No blue for me, not that strong, but makes u high, I will grow it again!!! (05.01.2013, 22:47)

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