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Strain: Blue Amnesia
Breeder: Amsterdam Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~70 days
Only female seeds.

Amsterdam Genetics - Blue Amnesia

Blue Amnesia – World’s most popular Haze with a twist.
Blue Amnesia cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics combine the world’s most popular strain of haze with one of our own favourites Blue Dream.

As Amnesia is at the moment one of the most popular variants of haze around the world, we simply could not leave this plant out of our breeding program. Having decided to cross Amnesia with Blue Dream the results achieved have been nothing short of amazing! With Amnesia already being made up of many sativa variants we have simply added some enhancements from the Blue Dream’s indica heritage.

Consumers will experience the sweet and spicy flavours, which are combined with a heavy narcotic effect. Where as the Blue Dream delivers full body relaxation the addition of the amnesia to this strain adds the powerful narcotic feeling.

The Blue Amnesia cannabis seed has a 10 week flowering time. Depending on conditions, growers can expect their plants to reach 1.20-1.50 meters producing a 450-550 g/m˛ indoors. When grown outside expect heights to reach between 2.00-3.00 meters with a 400-600g per plant yield.

Parents: Blue Dream x Amnesia
Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Taste: Sweet / Earthy / Spicy
Effect: Long Lasting High
Flowering time: 10 Weeks

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