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Blue Alien

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Strain Name
Blue Alien
Green Beanz Seeds
indoor, outdoor
~63 days
No feminized seeds.

This is another start to a bigger project. The mother is the rare and famous DJ Short Pre-99 Blueberry (Sativa pheno). This gal is the most blueberry plant I have encountered in my 35 years of travel with cannabis. I have tried many good fruity and berry flavored cannabis, but this girl is special. She likes to stay somewhat small like an indica, but her personality is distinctly sativa from her thin leaves to her internode spacing, she brings that sativa flavor and effect to a world of fruity , dominant indicas. The father, is from the famous Alien Kush F2 batch of seeds that Raskal released a few years ago. His sisters, had a strong and pleasant cherry, skunk turpene that is pretty unique in the world of high end cannabis. Making this cross, Im expecting the smell and flavors to rival old school sweet and fruity indica dom plants. The resin profile will be better than average taking into accounts of both sides. But the main target and purpose of this cross was to release the epic fruity nature of both sides.

Genetics: DJ Short Pre-99 BlueBerry x Alien Kush F2
Flowering time: 8-10 Weeks
Main Image: Alien Kush F2

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