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BC Blueberry

BC Blueberry (B.C. Bud Depot) :: StrainReview :: Indoor :: No.59731012646651058 by Westy

Plant-Profile about BC Blueberry (by B.C. Bud Depot)

This Plant-Profile is a individual expression by , uploaded at the 12.07.2017.

General Impression

BC Blueberry (B.C. Bud Depot)

is all together absolutely not recommendable
(On average 0 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

Westy says

The Hemp Streak Virus 2 out of 5 BC Blueberry are displaying has led me to not recommend ANY BC Bud Depot products, as they probably contain Hemp Streak Virus. Google it. The normal growth with a bleached area and hooked leaf is what you're going to get with BC Bud Depot. Also, it can spread to the rest of your crop. (12.07.2017, 16:26)