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Strain: Apollo 11 G4
Breeder: Reservoir Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~53 days
No feminized seeds.

Reservoir Seeds - Apollo 11 G4

A fourth-gen Apollo, selected for Genius traits. The nexus of Reservoir Seeds' Apollo 11 hybridization program.

"T-Minus three... two... one. We have lift-off."

Strap yourself down before taking this gleeful, mind-twisting ride. Derived from the near-mythical "Genius Pheno" of Apollo 11 fame, this extraordinary plant exudes a strong lemony fragrance & taste, and imparts a distinct euphoria of considerable duration. Ideal for curious minds – and even better for curious minds on road trips – the appeal of this craft lies in her ability to be profoundly energizing without the jittery discomfort of paranoia or the paranoid discomfort of being jittery. Ideal for finding your car keys or figuring out where your life went wrong, the utility of this plant is so vast that it is virtually uncharted. Brainiacs & severely impaired bongheads – mortals & demi-gods alike – will be forever changed after experiencing the happy glow of her touch. If the immaculate, long-lasting and one-of-a-kind buzz isn't enough to whet your appetite, consier the *absurdly* short 50-day photoperiod. Still, because of its profundity, once growers have a taste of Apollo 11 G4, they, like the rest of us, will ache for an even shorter time on the launch pad.

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