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Amnesia Hashplant

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Strain Name
Amnesia Hashplant
Oregon Green Seed
mostly sativa
~50 days
No feminized seeds.

Amnesia Hashplant is a potent, sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that produces buds sticky with resin and glistening with trichomes within a mere 7 week flowering period. Not recommended for INDOORS. And outdoors, harvest is as early as beginning of September when put outside by mid May to June 1st..

Its genetic makeup is Amnesia (Hy Pro’s cut), with added Swiss and Danish landrace genetics — a hybrid created and worked by Esben, the amazing grower/breeder from Hybrids from Hell, in Denmark. It was then outcrossed to Blue Satellite 2.2 (SOL) , then crossed back into the original Amnesia hybrid. What results are > 70% sativa plants, but with a much MUCH shortened flowering time than typical Anmesia. The buds are so loaded with resin, they’re glistening white. Great for making dry sift or bubble hash.

Yields can be quite high for the medium size of these plants. And quite potent, too.

Amnesia Hashplant performs best when grown outdoors under the sun. In fact, its difficult to grow indoors because its hard to keep it from going into flower. It contains lots of northern outdoor/landrace genetics on its father’s side, and has been acclimatized for decades to northern outdoor climates. So its extremly sensitive to changes in photoperiod. And it doesn’t like its roots to be crowded.

So, if you’re an outdoor grower and you like an energizing, upbeat, motivating sativa effect from a high-yielding plant that’s easy to grow… You really can’t go wrong with Amnesia Hashplant.

Genetics: [ (Amnesia (Hy Pro cut)/Danish Gold) x (Amnesia (Hy Pro)/Danish Gold x Blue Satellite) ]

Indica/Sativa: 25/75 very sativa
Flowering period: ~ 50 days.
Outdoor Harvest: 1st to 2nd week of September ( ~ 46 N. lat, northern hemisphere)
Height: medium – 4-6 feet
Yield: above average for both taller and shorter pheno.
Odor: low
Potency: 8/8.5 out of 10
Effect: UPbeat, energizing, feel good medicine

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