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Strain Name
African Spirit
indoor, outdoor
~77 days
No feminized seeds.

This strain is a pure sativa and both parents come from central Africa. It has quite a long flowering period like a real Sativa, but it can flower after only 2 weeks of vegetation, so at the end the whole process from germination to harvest takes less than 3 months. If you give African Sativa some space, it will extend its branches and welcome you into its high with its branches wide open! African Sativa can be successfully grown both indoor and outdoor. It is a good choice to put one or two of this babies in your grow room, they are the perfect choice to fulfill the space in the corners. Outdoor African Sativa performs very well in almost every temperate climate. This plant has a high level of THC in the range of 18-21%: in particular a recent test has shown a value of 20, 3% on our sample. Low level of CBN.

Flowering time: 11 weeks

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