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Plant-Profile about Afgan Kush Ryder (by World of Seeds Bank)

This Plant-Profile was generated by 5 single profiles, particular thanks goes to: moises, pitbull1983, PeppoLoko, bomba and Utterscribe

Information about the growth of the plants:

Flowering Time Indoor
Between 48 an 56 days (Average: 52 days.)
Stretch after the initiation of flowering
±139 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 28 cm. - Final Height onto around 67 cm.
Growth Behavior
Side Branches
average to many; medium length to long as well as strong and vigorous.
The plants of this Cannabis-Strain...
...can be placed close together. not need much care.
...are tolerant to over- or under-fertilization.
...are not vulnerable to fungal diseases.
...are not susceptible to mold.
...are tolerant of temperature fluctuations.
...have no problems with low temperatures.
...have no problems with high temperatures.
...looks and grow more like a Indica.
...are well suited for very low growrooms.
...are well suited for a SoG (See of Green).
...are a good choice for beginners.
...are a good choice for commercial cultivation. many, thick buds on the side branches. not respond well to the pruning of the main stem.
...can build pre flowers into the growth period.
...need much fertilizer. (!!!)
...should get 24 hours light into the growth period.
...from feminized seeds tend to hermaphrodites.

Harvest, Yield, Taste, Aroma, strength and effectiveness

Yield / Quantity
The crop of this strain is great.
Buds / Leaves
The ratio of buds to leaves is very good.
Bud Structure
The dried buds are very hard and very compact.
Strength / Lasting Effect
The weed is very strong and long lasting.
Tolerance Built
very slow tolerance education.

General Impression

Afgan Kush Ryder (World of Seeds Bank)

is all together slightly above average
(On average 6 Points onto a scale between 0 and 10 !)

Additional Information

pitbull1983 says

Hab 3 eingepflanzt und 3 verschiedene Typen bekomen.

Der erste ist ziemlich in die höhe geschossen und gedeiht sehr gut.

Der zweite ist eher kompakter geblieben gedeiht aber ein bisschen besser wie der gestreckte.

Über den dritten kann ich leider noch nicht soviel sagen weil er leider nicht von selbst die Blüte eingeleitet hat, muss also noch warten bis seine 2 Geschwister rauskommen und ich ihn mit seinen anderen Verwandten in die Blüte schicke.

Alles in allem finde ich es schade das die Genetik noch nicht im Griff ist häte durchaus potenzial (03.02.2013, 17:06)

PeppoLoko says

Fucking amazing strain !! Absolutely recommend !!

Im not an experienced grower, and its very easy to grow, resistant to molds, and very strong !!!

Also high yields, about 120 of dry buds from 3 plants. (10.09.2013, 17:54)

bomba says

A great choice, especially for new growers, it just kept trucking along. I learned so much, I made every mistake but still ended up with some amazing pot. My first plant survived being over watered, under watered, ph problems, having a light dropped on it, under fertilized and over fertilized. I had heat problems and humidity problems. There are a million things you need to tune and I did them all wrong the first time and this plant just still produced a very strong and very well balanced high and as I've gotten better, so have my yields. No herms yet, knock on wood. Couldn't ask for more. As far as smokability -- I find this strain is especially good alone, but also excels in combination. It produces a strong but kind of generic high, so it seems to boost the uniqueness of what ever you pair it with. (09.08.2017, 22:23)

Utterscribe says

This was an autoflowering seed. This plant nearly ruined my grow of another plant. It developed pollen sacks almost as soon as it developed pistols. It was a true hermie and I had to chuck it about 5 weeks in. During that time I can say

1- DO NOT SCROG this plant. It does not like to be messed with. The branches turn tough really fast and don't want to budge. I don't think it took kindly to topping. It seems this is a plant that needs to just grow without fussing over it. That is if you get one that's stable and doesn't grow big huge pollen sacks immediately.

All in all I won't be growing this again. I did some looking around and there's a lot of complaints about this strain tending toward hermaphrodite. The general consensus is that the bud itself is amazing, but that's if you want to risk your time growing a plant that might grow balls on you. Personally I'd rather grow something stable. (01.02.2017, 18:44)

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