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All the reviews for the strain A.M.S. (by Green House Seeds)

Here are a list of all reviews for this cannabis variety, uploaded by our users. Please use the small navigation above (or the links in the tables below) to view the average reviews for indoor, outdoor or the individual phenotypes (if defined so far).


Average Indoor Review

Phenotype: unspecified / whole variety

info by Str. Yi. Co. St. To. User-Votings
KaterKarloplant profile KaterKarlo 900 %
outmanplant profile outman 196 %
SilentLplant profile SilentL 150 %
Rapidplant profile Rapid 167 %
Studmanplant profile Studman 150 %
DerDepressiveplant profile DerDepressive 200 %
doccdxxplant profile doccdxx 167 %
doccdxxplant profile doccdxx
KaschgarBioweedplant profile KaschgarBioweed 186 %
zlavjesticaplant profile zlavjestica 44 %
doccdxxplant profile doccdxx
vukoodlakplant profile vukoodlak


Average Outdoor Review

Phenotype: unspecified / whole variety

info by Clima Yi. Co. St. To. User-Votings
octojoint octojoint CmHm3
Manwithnoname Manwithnoname CmHm2