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Sweet Seeds

Payment per: Bank, Cash, Credit Cards
Located in Keine Angabe.

User Rating (2 reviews)

  • Product Quality: 9.00 9.00
  • Delivery Speed: 9.00 9.00
  • Customer Service: 9.50 9.50
  • General Impression: 9.17 9.17
    (on a scale between 0 und 10 points)

SeedFinder Info

Sweet Seeds is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw... This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder, additionally you can find prices and offers for 64 strains at our pages!

User Reviews

User User Comments Delivery country Date Q F S General Impression
Sweet Seeds make some good seeds. But, they have to stabilize their strains, as there can be times that there is alot of difference in the plants between same genetics grown during the same yr. All in all, Im really happy with the quality of the plants, production & the sell-ability after harvest. They have earned me as a customer.
  November 2015 8 8 9 8.33
I ordered my seeds, which were delivered in less than a week in perfect condition. All my seeds are in the mud, doing really well. over all I am very happy with the service and will definatly order from them again next time.
Original Sensible Seeds July 2015 10 10 10 10.00

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