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Payment per: Bank, Cash, Credit Cards
Located in the Netherlands.

User Rating (105 reviews)

  • Product Quality: 5.95 5.95
  • Delivery Speed: 7.17 7.17
  • Customer Service: 5.99 5.99
  • General Impression: 6.37 6.37
    (on a scale between 0 und 10 points)

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Nirvana Shop is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw... This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder...

Had sometimes problems with shipping and support into the past, but it seems they enhanced a little bit. But I can not recommend them without any hesitation.

User Reviews

User User Comments Delivery country Date Q F S General Impression
Very stealthy, I loved the packaging
Netherlands January 2020 8 8 8 8.00
good selection, good prices, good support
United States December 2019 10 10 10 10.00
This company gets a 1 from me . Customer service depends on how stoned they are when you contact them. I will never deal with them again .
Canada May 2019 1 1 0 0.67
Bought some Maui Waui seeds. Used 6 out of 10 and saved the other 4 for later.
3 out of the 6 sprouted and 3 were duds. Not a big letdown but mediocre as far as seed viability.
So far the 3 are growing well and look healthy but are displaying characteristics of indica far more than sativa. Im guessing this version of the strain is a hybrid but so far it looks to be indica dominant and since the original Maui Waui was a sativa, I was expecting a sativa dominant hybrid.
United States April 2019   9   9.00
Seeds are so so, hit or miss, they have lots of early strains that seem to be mixed with ruderalis, though they have not listed it in the description; the result is far less than acceptable. On my third order they completely screwed it up they sent me auto flowering seeds when i didnt even order auto flowering. They must have some disgruntled employees wreaking havoc on the place???? I can not order there again as a result of lost quality, it ruined a whole season for me?.
United States January 2019 4 9 1 4.67
Seeds quality very good, 10 out 11 germinated after putting directly into soil. Acceptable delivery speed around 3 weeks.
China October 2018 9 9 9 9.00
never received seeds customer service sucked would not return my emails
United States September 2018 5 5 5 5.00
Nirvana is a great supplier of top quality seeds at the best prices anywhere.the support team at Nirvana is top quality and will go above and beyond to see its customers have a pleasant seed buying experience.
United States September 2018 10 7 10 9.00
First time Ive ordered seeds from Nirvana the seeds germinated, and grew as expected. The second and third year however, the seeds I received were bunk. Some never germinated and even from those that did, very few survived, and no I do not have this problem with seeds from different seed banks.
Spain July 2018 1     1.00
Girl Scout Cookies- Some of the worst seeds Ive ever purchased! They germinated fine, were put into small containers filled with Happy Frog potting soil and they have refused to grow! Ive now planted them in my garden and they still refuse to grow with any vigor. They are now 1 1/2 months old and my tallest plant is now 1 foot high, has 3 sets of leaves on it and NO side branching at all! all the rest are much smaller than that, my smallest is 2 inches tall...looks nice and green but they just refuse to grow.

This is the second batch of seeds from Nirvana, and the first batch didnt grow worth a damn either. They were supposed to be White Widow but they were anything but!...3 turned out to be some sort of Purple Kush and the other 2 grew deformed with just a single leaf, not the regular 5 and had a single small "pod" at the base of the leaf with a couple of small hairs growing out of it. No real buds.. Ive been growing for 15 years so I kinda know what Im doing but these are the worst plants Ive ever tried to raise...time to find a new supplier!
United States June 2018 0 5   2.50
Do these seeds get irradiated through the customs process or something? Out of a 100+ seed order, most of them popped, however,expect slow growth and mutated plants. I was hoping to find a keeper out of 100 seeds for a clone, but had to scrap the project.

Id like to know how the "people" leaving good reviews know the ones leaving negative reviews are "bad growers". They are likely the shills for Nirvana trying to cover up bad press on their terrible product. The reason I know this is these "reviewers" use the same wording Ive received in my emails from Nirvana about poor lighting, overwatering, etc. you name it. They run you in circles until you give up making you feel like it was YOU. They will never admit it could even possibly be their seeds.

Another warning sign related to this is they wont refund your order, or even part of your order, or even try to make amends with you by sending a measly 5 free seed pack with your next order. Seriously? They cant afford to send some freebies as a peace offering? This says to me they are 100% in it for the money and dont care about their brand or products reputation.

Canada May 2018 0 8 0 2.67
Second time ordering from nirvana, first time no problems. This time half of my order was lost in the mail. I contacted customer service and described the situation, was informed that although they have changed their policy to not guarantee delivery anymore they would resend the part of the order that did not make it. I guess it helps to not be a dick when you message them. Other than that I would say the seeds can tend to run on the small side or I would give them a perfect score on product quality. That being said, I have had a 100% germination rate from their seeds out of the couple dozen Ive done. Genetics are good, but not the most stable. I will be trying to stablize some of their strains just because they do have good genetics but again could be more consistant so I guess thats another small ding from quality but all in all its a reputable shop that has a decent product.
United States April 2018 8 7 10 8.33
This people is by far the best seed company around. Trust me Ive grown some monsters from their genetics. All these people saying they died are sorry ass growers starving for light and food or over watering.
United States April 2018 10 10 10 10.00
I cant speak for seed quality just yet but the seeds do look good. I ordered 10 days ago and I have them in my hand right now. Great stealth packaging. Super fast delivery considering they have to travel half way around the world. I will do another review when I get ready to plant them. So far Great service
United States April 2018   10   10.00
Customer Service goes above and beyond. Tracking rocks. Never made me feel like a newb. Product knowledge is superior. If they dont know the answer to my question about a strain, they tell you "I dont know. Ill get back to you with the answer." instead of spoon feeding you a BS answer just to make a sale.
Canada April 2018 10 10 10 10.00
Do not order form this site to Latvia. Didnt receive first order, they offered to send another and also that didnt reach me :(
So this is no go for Latvia.
Latvia April 2018        
Ordered twice, none of the packages arrived. Either it is some modern scam or our postal services kick some serious CIA FBI ass with their X-ray techniques
Latvia March 2018        
I bought 5 swiss cheese seeds and 4out of 5 germinated ,3 of them died due to bad wueather but the one that made it turned out to be a beautifull and healty plant that yelded about 100grams
Italy March 2018 8 8   8.00
Poor quality seed, cannot count on to germinate half the time. If seed does germ half dont make it. When contact to complain treated like an ammature grower! Im an old lady thats grown pot for over 10yrs and have an established clone business! When a whole order of (ice) seed refuse to germinate but other seeds from other companies are terminating...theres a problem. They give runaround till you give up and quit sending emails to complain.
United States March 2018 1 9 0 3.33
My beans where delivered In 2 weeks to Pennsylvania USA......!!!! Even better .... Ive germinated them... All cracked within 36hrs....!!!!!
Nirvana handles business.....2 thumbs up.....!!!!!
United States March 2018 10 10 8 9.33
small weak seeds order 20 seeds not one popped, second order 30 seeds 3 poped but died after a week or so disapointed do not waste your time or money
Estonia March 2018 0 1 0 0.33
Never got them! I contacted Nirvana and said they would send me half my order just this once. Big surprise, I haven?t received that order either. I ordered from them last year and only took 8 days...seems awful suspicious. Save yourself the hassle and frustration, buy from someone else.
United States March 2018        
Ive ordered Blue Mystic Feminized twice (from USA and Spain) without any issues. I sent my payments via CERTIFIED MAIL.
Spain March 2018 10 10 10 10.00
Back then their seeds/strains were great but now they arent even good or decent. Wasting money wasting time :(
Iran March 2018 2 5 3 3.33
 Big ups to Nirvana. wide variety of strains, aforadable, arrives reasonably quick and well packaged ;)

- Dj Kinetics
  March 2018 10 8 10 9.33
 Terrible seeds. All grow tall and scrawny and struggle to get past the seedling stage. Obvious signs of inferior genetics, likely through their many years of in-breeding and not bringing in any fresh stock. I would strongly advise anyone looking to purchase from here to think twice before wasting their money. This is not the 1990s anymore where the options for seeds in U.S. are few and Nirvana was on top of their game. They have clearly fell by the wayside and are just milking their cash cow until its last drop. As I said, there are plenty of better options out there these days. Look elsewhere. United States March 2018 0 0 0 0.00
 Bon rapport qualité prix et en cas de problème pour germination, remplacement sans problème. Ce nest pas le top mais pour les petites bourses cest nickel ! Belgium February 2018 8 9 9 8.67
 We placed a big order, got nothing in the mail. Company claimed order must have been confiscated. No proof of them even mailing anything. Now they say theres nothing they do if something is lost or confiscated. So they get our $400 we get nothing and its not their problem??? Canada January 2018   0 0 0.00
 Did one of their buy 2 get 1 free promo. Got 5 ak48 fem, blackberry fem, white rhino & Maui waui. None of the wr popped,1/5 on the Maui not so wow seeds,& all of the blackberrys popped. United States August 2017 2 9 5 5.33
 This is stupidly my 3rd order from Nirvana Seeds. They have very speedy delivery, stealth shipping is good, and take a variety of payments. They also have a responsive service team. HOWEVER, all of this is meaningless since their product is crap. CRAP. Let me explain:

My first order seemed to go without a hitch. I bought AK48 from them and germinated my usual manner then put them in their pots. All of them shot up real fast in a couple of days. Great all good. But as the days went by they just didnt grow. At all. They stayed with their cotyldon leaves and first set of true leaves budding out barely getting any bigger. By the 2nd week after germination, they began to die off one by one after no growth. Every seedling died after coddling them along for nearly a month. Weakest batch of seeds Ive ever seen.

So, I emailed Nirvana hoping for some free seeds or at least a discount, and after much back-and-forth with them and snapping photos they kept requesting, I get a measly 10% voucher for my next order. Ok, Whatever. I mean, their service is pretty top notch, payment is easy, and they seem to be a reputable company thats been around for a long time so I chalked it up to an unlucky batch of bad seeds and didnt hold it to them too much. So i ordered again.

2nd order I got two varieties, Northern Lights and their Blue Mystic. Germinated them, put inpots, and all shot up great. These seeds seemed to be a lot better at first so I was reassured the previous order was just bad luck. Well, these seedings did grow better, but every one of them shot a hair thin stem about 5-6 inches long. very spindly seedlings that required propping up as they grew so they didnt fall over. These were grown under plenty of light and the sun, so stretching for light wasnt the issue. 3 out of 10 of this batch ended up dying off. The other plants did grow, but they are nothing impressive to write home about compared to other breeders strains in the garden. With this SLIGHT better luck this time around, I made a 3rd ( and my LAST) order.

3rd order comes in fast and stealthy as usual with no problems. All of the 4 varieties seeds are small as usual like the other orders, too. I germinated, put in their pots, and waited. One of the seeds shot up right away after a day and currently has the same 6 inch spindly stem like the last batch did. All of the rest are either just popping up or still trying to shed its shell after 10 days. This wouldnt seem so bad except all of the seeds popped over a week ago, and seem to be just stuck and not growing like the first batch. I got seedlings that are 3-4 inches tall that are struggling to pop its hull off, and others that just dont seem to have the strength to raise their cotyldons out of the surface. None of them have their 1st set of true leaves, and for being 10 days and some of them autoflowers, this slow growth is very bad for yield.

To summarize, I have never encountered the issues I have with Nirvana seeds. Ive had bad seeds before from other breeders on occasion, but Nirvana seeds is CONSISTENTLY CRAP. They have a great business model and know how to attract customers, but they sure dont know how to keep them when their phenos are garbage. Obviously inbreeding their same strains over-and-over for decades has led to some VERY weak genetics. Get some fresh stock, guys.

Dont waste your time or money on Nirvana seed stock. Old, small & Weakkkkk seeds.I thought Id never see the day where Id rather buy seeds from Barneys Farm. they are really that bad! For now on, Ill go back with a depot like seedsman where you can get seeds from different breeders to help balance the odds. Sorry to bad mouth you guys Nirvana, but I gave you more than enough of my money and chances and you guys failed miserably. Hopefully this review saves somebody their money and trouble.
United States July 2017 0 10 3 4.33
 Hatte 5 Papayas, alle gekeimt 4 female und 1 male. Super Qualität. Als Indoor gekrönt und
Outdoor noch besser. Gerne wieder. "Stammkunde"
Germany July 2017 10 8 10 9.33
 Versucht mal einen Negativen Kommentar zu posten. Habe es mehrmals versucht, da ich echt manche richtige, Entschuldigung, Kackpflanzen dabei hatte. Da kann mir keiner erzählen das das an mir liegt wenn ich mir 3 mal PPP bestelle und nicht eine!!! rauchbare Pflanzen dabei rauskam...Der Strain ist ja angeblich so Bombe....
Selbst mein Haze wird immer fertig und ist sehr rauchbar, ;-) und die ist etwas schwieriger zu growen.
Wer Geld sparen will, Finger weg von Nirvana....und ab zu Bulk Seed!
Die Russen haben guten, günstigen Stuff im Angebot den ich persönlich echt weiterempfehlen kann!
  June 2017 5 5 0 3.33
 The worst services ever. I did not receive no confirmation of payment and my order was refunded due to a couple of emails that i sent to them. The money never reached back in my account. Far as i am concerned this is a scam, a online fraud so dont ever shop from them. Romania June 2017        
  worth it Bulgaria June 2017 10 5 10 8.33
 While they may have been one of the first or one of the best, those days are long gone. Expect poor germination rates and a different pheno for every female that you get. That speaks volumes on the stability of their genetics and if you dare bring this to their attention, expect to be blacklisted. They have perfected their racket and they have no problem taking your money and telling you that youre simply out of luck. Buyer beware ? if you feel that must have Nirvana genetics, buy them from a more reputable seed-bank, like The Attitude. Further, if you feel that you must order directly from this breeder, do so with a real credit card. This will make doing a charge-back that much simpler in the highly-likely event that your beans dont germinate. With all of the great genetics coming from North America, why take a chance on Nirvana... just to bring back some of that early 1990s Dutch nostalgia? United States May 2017 0 5 0 1.67
 Germination,70%.stability 70%,dry yeild60%,potency 60%.As this is the third time I have used Nirvana I am pleased with the results over various other seed banks ie.Dutch Passion Sensi and Amsterdam seeds. United States March 2017 4 4 4 4.00
 I Really like Jims site. A no pressure zone. Reasonable prices, great service and they take bitcoin.   March 2017 7 9   8.00
 I mistakenly overfertilized one variety, had another variety that I didnt realize couldnt stand my searingly hot climate, but the last variety did superb. I will now pay more attention to whether or not they recommend the variety I look at for outdoor growing! United States January 2017 8 10 10 9.33
 This is my go to shop. Took a few years off but they were always good to me 5 or so years ago. Seeing they accept Bitcoin was a huge bonus. Have never had issues with the product and the shipping has always been fast and secure. I have yet to have a complaint personally. I have not used any other vendors and have no reason to other than limited selection. They have a smaller selection but their products are respected. May try some others in the future but so far this is home for me. BTC payments are flawless and process quickly. United States January 2017 10 10 8 9.33
 Placed my first order using Bitcoin ... Stealth package arrived 2 weeks later in US Mail .. I cant wait to sample the grow .. will recommend to all my friends .. ROCK ON !! United States December 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 I ordered 10 Northern Light seeds and got them in a few weeks. The seeds looked kind of old and dry. So I wasnt surprised that NOT ONE seed germinated. Ive been gardening all my life. I know how to germinate a seed, and these seeds were crap. When I complained to Nirvana they grudgingly offer (after days of back and forth) a small discount on my next order. I foolishly placed a second order which NEVER ARRIVED. Im not convinced that they even sent the second order because they were so reluctant to give me that discount for the un-germinated seeds. They refused to refund my money from either order, so these guys really shook me down big time. They have no proof whatsoever that they even sent the second order, yet wouldnt "resend" the seeds or refund my money. United States November 2016 0 0 1 0.33
 -wirklich schnelle Abwicklung und Lieferung


-sehr freundlich und zuvorkommender Kundenservice
Meiner Meinung nach einer besten Shops
Germany November 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 War meine erste Bestellung AK48 war nach vier Tagen da .der service ist super war die ganze Zeit informiert wann verpackt wann versendet wurde,bin sehr zufrieden stehen alle in voller Blüte! Germany October 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Alles lief problemlos ab.

5x AK48 von dennen 4 aufgingen. 5x Haze die alle richtig gesund aussehen.1 dazu gabs 10 Freebies von denen nur 3 aufgegangen sind aber auf die war ich eh nicht scharf.

Sieht aus als hätte ich 2 verschiedene Phenos bei den AK48. 1 ist definitiv Sativa. Die 3 anderen Indica/Afghanica.
Die Haze #1 sind alle identisch.

Im ganzen bin ich zufriede was ich da sehe. Und trotz einigen schlechten Berichten in Foren bin ich mit Nirvanashop zufrieden.
Germany September 2016 7 10   8.50
 It took 3 days for the payment to be processed and the product to be shipped, which I received in 10 days. And this was over a major holiday. United States July 2016   10 10 10.00
 Nirvana swiss cheese arrived only one germinated contacted them three times no response I wont use Rhee again rip off United States June 2016 0 5 0 1.67
 PERFECT 10s the site has lots more seeds then most sponsor show. Regulars Maui Wowie and Fems and idk bout auto I dont do them. I imagine they have them too. But my best stuff comes from them. Bubblicous its like bubblegum a tad stronger. It was played with in the dam to make that stain pretty sure they threw lavendar in it and BX it some.   June 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Closet growers, 10 mystery seeds Promo, I do not have the space or time to eliminate the males. I asked, no response, if a mix male and female, they would be thrown away, Usless promotion for the many growers with limited space.
United States June 2016 9 9 0 6.00
 One of my favorite seed banks, consistent quality and have always received my orders from them. United States June 2016 9 9 9 9.00
 Les prix sont attrayants,
Les graines sont merdiques,
Les remplacements narrivent pas ...

Et lhistoire se répète !

Que cette entreprise existe encore me porte à douter sur sa véritable raison dêtre. Je dirais aux gens des pays où la mari nest pas totalement légale de se méfier; surtout les nouveaux acheteurs.

Je ne serais pas surprise que mon commentaire ne soit même pas publié ou ne reste pas longtemps.... Ils semblent bien efficaces pour ça chez Nirvana !
France June 2016        
 I ordered 5 fem seeds of Master Kush and received only 4 seeds in package.
Out of the 4 seeds I received, only 2 germinated.
Customer service could care less and I will neveer deal with them again.
Ben Mclellan
Canada April 2016 0 5 0 1.67
 I have ordered from Nirvana for over 15 years, two to three times a year. I have ordered, white widow, Power Plant, Ney York Power Diesel, Jock Horror, AK-48,blue mystic, Bubblicious, Chrystal, Haze, White Rhino, Fool Moon, Aurora, Black Jack, Wonder Woman, Urban Poison, Super Skunk, Northern Light, Master Kush, ice & Hawaii Maui Waui. yes some of the genomes are deferent, just like you and me we cant all be perfect! even with the same parents!
I have grown every seed Ive ordered, germ rate is about 95% not bad! yes Ive had some herms around 5%, male to female ratio @ 50 50, whith this said I have ordered seed from all over the world most for more $$$ than Nirvana for less seed. overall Nirvana is more consistent with delivery to the U.S.A than any other! I have never had a problem that wasnt easily fixed with an email.
AND for you new people dont be so anxious, your seed will get there!! if you dont see anything in three weeks send an email!! its that simple!! if there is a
known problem they will let you know!! there are times the mail has to be re-routed for safety reasons this takes time!! dont go around spewing gossip, oh I didnt get my order so they ripped me off, REALLY!!! if you didnt get your package my guess is look in the mirror!!
and understand people are quick to say you ripped me offed!! then you get your package and dont come back to tell every one OMG I was wrong about these guys!!
United States March 2016 9 9 9 9.00
 et bien ce nest plus ce que cétait... graines de merde et qualité de weed en baisse, je ne retrouve plus le gout blue mystic dans leur variété?? a passer y a beaucoup mieux! France March 2016 3 9 8 6.67
See previous post.

Aurora Indica Feminized
Donald P. ? 1 star ? 18 Feb. 2016 => was DELETED by nirvanashop
Wayne D. ? 1 star ? 15 Feb. 2016 => was DELETED by nirvanashop
Wayne D - another review 2 stars - 27. Feb 2016 - under review. I bet this gets deleted too.

Snow White Feminized
Monica D. ? 1 star ? 16 Feb. 2016 => was DELETED by nirvanashop

So if you think of ordering at - know that they delete all their negative reviews of seeds on their site!
TRY it out - spot a negative and wait for a couple of weeks and youll see how it disappears.
Anyway, NO site only has 4 or 5**** star top reviews.

PS at the time of writing - 27th Feb 2016 - there a 2 new negative reviews on their site for
Audora Indica Fem and Raspberry Cough. How long will it take until they also disappear?

A company that uses these deceptive methods does not earn your business!
France February 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Nirvanashop is manipulating their reviews on their site.
Browse through the reviews of their seeds and youll find that all 1 and 2 stars get deleted.
Occasionally you find a 3 star (very rarely), mostly all their seeds are supposed to be having 4 and 5 stars. Everybody is supposed to be happy. But that is simply NOT true.
FACT is that there are a few 1 and 2 stars on certain seeds recently (less than 1 week old) ... i.e. they havent revised the site yet ... but none all the months and years before.
That seems a rat.

Aurora Indica Feminized
Donald P. - 1 star - 18 Feb. 2016, "pending review" from Nirvanashop
Wayne D. - 1 star - 15 Feb. 2016
yet 2015, 2014, 2013 reviews ALL 4 or 5 stars. Manipulation at its best.

Snow White Feminized
Monica D. - 1 star - 16 Feb. 2016 "pending review"
yet 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 all excellent reviews.

Nirvanashop deception at its best.

France February 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 If you order for very little money, you get your orders in 4-5 days to Spain.
If you order for a large amount of money (I ordered the 3 for 2 deal) for 65?, then the order suddenly does not arrive.
Then they propose a reship but only sending less quantity.

Product quality not good, seeds way too light, nearly no dark seeds.
Spain February 2016 2 0 0 0.67
 Im happy to buy from this company but I was expecting more of them Iran February 2016 6 7 8 7.00
 A+ company. Ordered directly through Nirvana and received delivery in 12 days, even with a blizzard disrupting shipment!! Packaging was not top notch, but discreet enough to get to me.
36 hour/100% germ rate. I recommend very highly.
United States February 2016 8 10   9.00
 very good service, fast shipping and reasonable prices, the weed came out great. Ive grown their Aurora Indica, Northern light and el dorado Costa Rica February 2016 9 9 10 9.33
 35 days no communication after an email feel I have been taken after paying foe expedited shipping. WTF? United States February 2016   0   0.00
 Cest sur que cest pas chère.
20 graines 50 euros et 10 gratuites.
Jétais plutôt satisfait.

Seulement 6 graines graines ont germées et dune seule variété.

En plus ce sont des régulières donc des mâles a enlever plus tard.

Les graines sont minuscules.

Je crois que nirvana cest fini
france January 2016 1 3 1 1.67
 TERRORISTS! Paid with a cc. First attempt declined immediately. I called my bank and they blocked the attempt due to their cc processing company Voucher Reseller was a high-risk. I asked my bank to allow transaction. As soon as the payment cleared, I received an email stating they will start packaging. A few mins later the status changed to "Awaiting Approval" which has no explanation on site. Their site states they will send an email at every status change. No email when it changed to "Awaiting Approval" or an explanation of that status. It stayed in that status most of the day, then about 6 hrs passed when I was sent another email. The next email stated my order was being placed "ON HOLD" due to a random security check screening. The email stated I needed to upload a picture of my cc card before they?d continue. If you read enough reviews, anyone that sends payment by cc card gets the same crap. One was told due to the large order (order was only $60) that he needed to send a picture of his cc card.

Any business that hijacks your cc payment right after it is cleared is business that is not to be trusted. There is no mention of this additional process. They state that the picture will deleted as soon as it is scanned. Funny, a digital image does not need to be scanned, just stored as-is, and why would you scan it just to delete it? A reputable business does not do this type activity. Do not trust them. There are far too many seedbanks that dont play silly f***n games.
Nirvana Shop October 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 I have ordered 6 times over the past 8 years and EVERYTHING perfect. Go Narvana !   September 2015 9 9 10 9.33
 Best bank ever super fast and very honest Im very please with it you wont regretted USA July 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Wouldnt replace a strain that had (zero/5) germinate. USA July 2015 4 4 2 3.33
 5/5 jock horrors feminized germinated, 10/10 Venus fly trap regular seeds germinated and 8/10 freebies germinated. Im only two weeks into the grow and all seems well, deer and cutter worms took out 4 of my jock horrors before defenses were in place so I had to order another 5. Shipping for the first order took 16 days to reach the middle of the us but the 2nd order of the jocks only took 8 days to reach me here in Missouri so A+ on the shipping & germinating end. Prices are more than fair aswell. Considering how they mature and harvest, I will gladly use them again next year. Its so tempting to buy more strains to test but legality issues in my state restrict me from expanding my plots :( in other words Id highly recommend nirvana at this point in my grow, will notify if any problems are noticed by harvest united states April 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Order arrived to mid eastern US without any problem. Planted 5 feminized Aurora Indica along with their free seeds. All 5 AI cracked and sprouted and then stopped growing after reaching about 1/2 meter tall. Nothing I could do could make them develop or even stretch. I started googleing this problem and noticed that it was a known issue from Nirvana stock. Someone even complained on rip off report dot com. I contacted Nirvana about it telling them I dont want any replacements or even my money back, but that I just wanted to let them know about this issue I had with their Aurora Indica. They responded quickly saying that they havent heard about this problem before and then went on to tell me how problematic growing can be for beginners... blah, blah, blah... I responded to that email telling them Ive been growing as far back as their existence goes. I grow using so many various methods and have more experience than most "experts". Furthermore, I even posted to the link on rip off report showing where someone had already posted this same problem and Nirvana went through the whole denial/bail routine. I believe, given the amount of competition and lack of revenue that Nirvana has lost their place in the race and are peddling old stock. Sorry Nirvana, you made your bed, lay in it.   April 2015 0 7 0 2.33
 Seeds came in 2wks exactly. I will be using them again.   March 2015   6 6 6.00
 I have ordered from Nirvana 4 times and I have had success every time. All the seeds have germinated. I did get one week seed but with some tender care it prospered. I accidentally put my old address but they were able to correct it with no issues luckily. The orders tend to take a few weeks. The last one was 17 days but Im cool with it since they werent lost in the mail. They even gave me 10 free seeds which I gave to a friend so they could try Nirvana seeds.   March 2015 9 2 10 7.00
 bought 3 packs of seeds 2 autoflowers 1 feminized none of the other flowers germinated at all they were very small and immature the feminized seeds I got 2 out of 5 very disappointed with nirvana. their customer service was okay they got back to me pretty fast with the email they did give me 1200 points to spend but I dont think I will be ordering from them again   March 2015 0 8 4 4.00
 Ordered 10regular ice seed, not one seed made it to seedling stage. Most split then did nothing. I contacted Nirvana and they responded by telling me they were sorry to hear about my germination problems! I germinate marijuana seeds all the time..... been smoking and growing for over40years! Those seed were old and dried up and they refuse to replace, if I was scamming I certainly would not ask for a replacement of the same seed that if they had germed I would have hundreds of seed by now.   March 2015 0 9 0 3.00
 The order came on time. I order. 5.northern lights. 5 super skunk. 5 blue mystic.
The northern lights seeds came up grew good. Couldnt get the plants to produce big buds just popcorn . Good high good flavor.

The super skunk. Only 2.seeds came up. Once in bud stage they never got the skunk smell. Buds were nice big. Not skunk. Upset at this. Blue mystic no seeds started at all I would not order from here agaiin .
I got seeds from friend out in cali. White widow very nice . Got some sour diesel from out there very nice but took 3.weeks longer to finish than ww .
narvana January 2015 4 9 6 6.33
 great service   January 2015   10 10 10.00
 Their service was very quick! I placed my order on 10/06/14 and received my order on 10/16/14. They did send my 10 free seeds like they said they would. Lets hope all is well when time to plant!   October 2014   10 10 10.00
 10 sur 10 en germination pour la qualiter a voir   September 2014 8 10 10 9.33
 Ordered Jock Horror in first order. Received in 14 days to East Coast USA. Ordered 2nd time, AK48 and Ice (both Feminized). Received in about the same amount of time. All seeds I have used so far germinated. 2 seedlings did not survive (my own fault) USA September 2014 9 9   9.00
 Letzte Bestellung: 25 fem. Aurora Indica seeds. Nur 13 von 25 keimten (definitiv der letzte Kauf bei Nirvana)
Nach 43 tägiger vegi Phase waren sie zwischen 20-30 cm hoch... Blüte dauerte 63 Tage,13 Plants (1 wuchs so spärlich,das sie aussortiert wurde,eine hatte Botrytis-Grauschimmel in buds)
in 1,2 x 1,2 tent =1,44 qm. Ertrag - angegeben 400-500 g pro qm - war schlappe 250 g trocken unter 600 W mit Adjust a wing large,RVK für Abluft,Diagonalventi für Zuluft.2 Clip fan im tent.
Gras wird als (Zitat: unser wohl potentester indischer Hanf) top Qualität mit hohem Ertrag angegeben,Qualität höchstens Durchschnitt, (AK-48,Northern Light hatte bessere Erträge und bessere Qualität) niemals wieder! Nirvana lockt mit günstigen seeds, jedoch bleibt die Qualität und dadurch auch die Quantität des Endproduktes auf der Strecke.
Jetzt, nach Käufen von einigen anderen Seedbanks wie Reserva Privada, Flying Dutchmen,etc muß ich sagen, es hat schon seinen Grund, das die seeds dort mehr kosten, die Qualität ist nicht zu vergleichen, es gab nie wieder Probleme mit dem Keimen, den Plants, oder mit lächerlichen Ernteerträgen. Nirvana - never ever again!!!!
Deutschland August 2014 3 9 8 6.67
 Extrem schnelle Lieferung und diskret verpackt +10 reg. samen als freebie, gerne wieder! Germany August 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Habe jetzt zum 2.tem mal bestellt lief alles super. Jetzt war es die Sorte Chrystel alle 4 Samen sehen gut aus 1 ist etwas klein und hell Deutschland August 2014 6 10   8.00
 Graine minuscule et meme pas aarriver maturite
A eviter
  August 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 Good shop, very decent and great genetics. Folks @ Nirvana always willing to assist. BUYER RECOMMENDATION!!! USA March 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Sehr schneller Versand! Nach der Bestellung vergingen 3 Tage und die Seeds lagen in meinem Briefkasten. Außerdem hat sich jemand mit der Tarnung Mühe gegeben. Man erwartet anderes, als diese Seeds darin. Deutschland March 2014 8 10 9 9.00
 No problems what so ever!   February 2014 5 6 6 5.67
 Nirvana is the best in stealth shipping, I did buy to many banks, an this is the better in discretion. [...] Nirvana is the best value (quality-price-service Ratio) bank that I know, thanks nirvana. Chile November 2013 7 9 10 8.67
 I ordered 15 seeds, for the first time my order was lost on the way. Without any question they sent me a new order which was delivered without problems. I have heard of numerous other people that have experienced the same excellent customer service. Sweden September 2013 10 8 10 9.33
 Received within 10 days, the quality of the seeds were good. Picked up 20 Reg seeds, 12 where females. Attitude August 2013 8 9   8.50
 Salutation a tout les cannabiculteurs. Jai 50 ans je cultive la ganja depuis 25 ans et je commande depuis des années des graines féminisée chez Nirvana et je nai qua men félicité elles ont toujours germée et donner un bon rendement , mais je suis vraiment déçu de la dernière livraison.
Je les ai trouvé très différente les une des autres, des toute petites dautre très grosses même la couleur était surprenante des blanches des noires et autres variations extrême, une seule
a bien voulue germé, oui je suis vraiment déçu Nirvana mavais habituer a mieux. ça fait mal au c-l vus le prix quon les paye, mais bon cela peu arriver, peu être ont ils embaucher des intérimaires pendant les vacances. preuve que je ne leur en veux pas je viens de repasser commande en priant le dieu des fumeurs que cette livraison la soit meilleur.
Cordialement a tous
nirvana August 2013 1 9 9 6.33
 No Problems!!!   March 2013 10 10 10 10.00
  german September 2012 8 8   8.00
    August 2012 3 6   4.50
 Die Samen waren perfekt in einer ***-verpackung versteckt! Deutschland May 2012 10     10.00
  niederlande January 2012 10 10 0 6.67
 Habe mir eine sorte bestellt papaya damals, raus kamm eine sativa die ich 14 wochen blühen lassen habe und die war immer noch nicht fertig. Hab bilder gemacht zu zu nirvana geschickt die meinten das ist nicht der richtige strain(ach nee) und ich konnte mir 30 neue fem seeds aussuchen hab dann aurora indica genommen kommen auch recht fix die samen. Hab 11 davon zum keimen gelegt und in die blühte geschickt es waren 11 männer dabei und es waren FEM samen.

Deutschland May 2011 1 4 2 2.33
 super netter service und pfeilschnell ! absolut empfehlenswert !   May 2011 10 10 10 10.00
 Ordered some Pure Power Plant Fem seeds on 3/12/2011 and received, to southern USA, on 3/21/2011. Ordered from Nirvana before and have received quality and exactly what I ordered everytime, so far. USA March 2011   10   10.00
 Have gotten my orders quickly, stealth was great and seeds were excellent. No problems at all with Nirvana. Only ordered twice, but was several months in between the orders. USA March 2011 10 10   10.00
  Deutschland November 2010 9 10   9.50
 sent seeds that would not germinate 10% they say something happened but when i got seed they looked sick and i new they were no good just looking at them let them no they say they send replacement but never got them when a person spend 400 buck you should get something good have been growing meds for 25 yrs everything else i order from this year came up
ole hoot
netherlands November 2010 0 0 0 0.00
  The customer service has become very good. Any problems I had were corrected by Alice the friendly CS rep.My 2nd order didn't arrive & after emailing them they reshipped the order. Then, the original order arrived(very late-35 days)& it contained a strain I did not order. They let me keep it & sent me the correct order. Their feminized seeds produce feminized long as you don't stress 'em out. I give them high marks...   July 2010 8 8 10 8.67
 had low germination rates possible due to harm in shipping as I ordered two types and the AK 48 was 100% germination and I lost some of the blackberry first time. It may have been due to the seed shell was very hard and the tap root wound around inside before they broke out so I lost due to spoil. I told NIRVANA they replaced more than I lost and I recieved them in record time at no expense to me. I will buy from them again and again. The plants are very vibrant and wholesum looking and extremely viable. These guts have it together at this point. I recomend that people try them We all know the nature of this business and anything can go wrong. These guys at NIRVANA will take care of any problems.One week from them to my address in USA very discrete shipping and a wonderful free gift besides.....very cool. I been doin this 37 years!   November 2009 10 10 10 10.00
 No trouble at all They sent seeds promptly germinated fast and packaged very discrete and covert. Got order in 7 days to usa   November 2009 10 10 10 10.00
  Deutschland September 2009 10 2 8 6.67
  netherlands February 2009 8 7   7.50
 Bisher immer schnell u. zuverlässig geliefert in sicherem ständig wechselnden Verpackungen. Samen Qualität war immer Zufriedenstellend. (eine ausnahme bei einer Packung Supergirl 10feminisierte keimten lediglich 3 Pflanzen sehr schwach)Ansonsten hatte ich bei vorgehenden Bestellungen 100% Keimrate u. meist ein gutes Männlich zu weiblich verhältnis. Deutschland October 2008 9 7   8.00

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