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Lighthouse Store

Lighthouse Store Seedbank Review

Payment per: Bank, Cash, Credit Cards
Located in the Netherlands.

User Rating (2 reviews)

  • Product Quality: 5.00 5.00
  • Delivery Speed: 7.00 7.00
  • Customer Service: 4.50 4.50
  • General Impression: 5.50 5.50
    (on a scale between 0 und 10 points)

SeedFinder Info

Lighthouse Store is listed as "green" at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

User Reviews

User User Comments Delivery country Date Q F S General Impression
they got my order mixed up and when I told them it was NOT what I ordered , all they said was ill get a 5 % discount on the next one , I dont want a next one , 7 months out of time and energy ,what a waist of time and money , buyer beware of these guys
United States October 2017 0 5 0 1.67
Expensive but first class seeds. Every one was fat, and sprouted. A little slow in getting the shipment out, but it arrived here safely.
United States October 2017 10 9 9 9.33

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