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United States, May 2022

General Impression

Th seed source exclusive purple Chem. World class genetics.i this

guest South Africa, December 2021

All The Seed Source reviews I've read are positive which is strange considering what I experienced.

I ordered from a number of seed shops in the States around 20th April and when all my orders arrived except the one from The Seed Source I queried them in late September. At first I was accused of not paying so I presented my proof of payments and I heard nothing. A week later I asked, "Is that it?" and I get asked for the tracking. This after I've sent the details in the previous email. It's like I'm in the twilight zone now because I cancelled some orders and the person on the other side is dealing with some cancelled orders of mine not the successful and paid orders. I send the proof again.

Again I get no response and we're in the middle of Oct now. After an excuse I get the tracking number that I originally requested to see where my parcel is. I query US Postal and it says the package left their Jamaican distribution center but there are no entries thereafter. So it left but never arrived anywhere. I'm honestly dumbfounded, so I leave it for sometime but something about it all just doesn't add up. So I asked my SA postal service to query the number and they say they have no information on this item. I then decided to query a US courier search engine and it cannot find anything. I go back to US postal service and the number now exists but the info that appeared before has vanished. It's not attached to a!? I try to lodge a query but I cannot because the number is not attached to any package.

I send all this information to The Seed Source and ask what they are really up to? I've yet to hear from them.

The service is beyond atrocious. It's an abortive disaster at best...useless. this

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