Join the first SeedFinder SUPERBOWL

Join the first SeedFinder SUPERBOWL


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Post made at Tuesday 9th of December 2014 07:51:27 PM
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Join the first SeedFinder SUPERBOWL

Post made at Tuesday 9th of December 2014 07:51:27 PM by SeedFinder
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Get prepared for our first Cannabis Cup! The new, yearly SeedFinder SuperBowl will be presented to the best breeder/seedbank/grower - and everyone is invited to join!

The first SeedFinder SuperBowl I will be handed out whilst the second Copa Canaval at the 7th and 8th of March 2015 at Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). This event is held from two local cannabis clubs (CannaWorld Canarias in Santa Cruz and the CSCC TFS in Los Cristianos) and will be more a party and holiday-meeting then a hectic expo! We will have two days of party together with all our friends from all around the world, we plan to lie around in the sun while enjoying some music - and we definetly need to smoke some (or better a lots) of the best cannabis strains available! If you like to join us there - we would be happy to see you here! Check it out, maybe you can find the time - and think about the weather in your home country at the beginning of March - here it will be warm and sunny ;-) But even if you can not find the time: Its also possible to join the competitions by courier service - just send in your stuff by post - we will send you back the cups, no problem ;-)

Alright... And how to join the Cup?
You need to send in your samples no later than the 31th January 2015 - and you can join with a maximum of two strains!
To join the SeedFinder SuperBowl I you need to send in buds AND an extract (hash or bho) from the same strain! The minimum amounts are 12g (buds), 3g (hash) and 2g (bho)...
...beside of this samples there is no entry fee or something like this - this cup is a non-commercial one!

Btw... There are also some different cups you can join at the Copa Cannaval - altogether we have 16 cups in different 6 categories (indoor, outdoor, hashish, bho, professional, seedfinder superbowl) to award! Please check out the Copa Cannaval Webiste for more information - or go to facebook and join the events there! Here the links:

Copa Cannaval Website:
II Copa Cannaval at facebook:
SeedFinder SuperBowl at facebook:

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