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New: myCannapot - Cannabis-Seed-Shop and Auctions


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Post made at Wednesday 1st of February 2012 07:18:17 PM
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New: myCannapot - Cannabis-Seed-Shop and Auctions

Post made at Wednesday 1st of February 2012 07:18:17 PM by SeedFinder
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Sorry for the delay here at the SeedFinder, but during the last months our developers have worn out several keyboards and designed a phenomenal shopping- and auction system especially for cannabis seeds! We like to introduce it to you, although the new project has nothing to do directly with the SeedFinder - but it is a cool and unique system - and also connected quite closely with our strain-database.

The most important first:
Of course the SeedFinder don't sell any cannabis-seeds! It is a completely external and independent Shopsytem, operated by well-known and popular Hemcy.at/Cannapot Webshop in Austria. We have produced only the code, do a little advertising here on the site and provide the interface for the strain-info!

To cut a long story short:
If you're looking for seed-rarities, for limited editions, coveted remnants or for cannabis varieties of small farmers - or if you yourself are a breeder, and if you are maybe like to sell or auction your own hybrids - then the new system might be interesting for you! All offers and prices here are made directly from the breeders themselves, but all the the (worldwide) shipping and handling of payments carried from a single source - with the usual excellent service from Hemcy.at/Cannapot!

Allright, here we go:
-> MyCannapot - Cannabis Seed-Auctions and Shop

The whole order and auction system was created and customized by us extra for cannabis seeds, and of course with a special emphasis on safety and anonymity! But please remember, the shop is still in a beta phase - you are one of the first visitors ;-) So it might not look that great yet - but it works - and it will expanded and tuned step by step over the time :)

P.S.: The choice may seem a little sparse at the moment, but that will change soon! Until then, there are already various specialties from Alpine-Seeds and Earth-Seeds ready to bid or buy, some more stuff is onto the way! Well - check it out - and have fun with the new system! We hope you like it - and if you miss a function or if you have a question: let us know!

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anonymouse: at the 21.02.2012, 21:21

Sweet, I was worried this place had gone into a coma ;)

celtichands1: at the 29.07.2012, 05:01

How can I keep all the links for this in my account to use when needed... This applies to all the reviews here and links...

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