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More info about this breeder:

Seeds Xtreme's philosophy is based on constant innovation and genetic preservation. Performing unconventional new F1 crosses using genetic prestigious breeders which never mingle their genetic each other. We also develop entirely new lines that will be characterized by its rapid flowering as for its medicinal qualities.

With some of these great breeders maintain a close relationship and therefore always have in mind the genetic preservation of varieties of medicinal cannabis and collector with regular seed production, as they well enacted.

Despite having our female varieties we think is a grower's right to have the opportunity to make their own selection of crosses with genetic stability for preservation as mothers for long periods of time, or make their own crosses.

Many breeders are no longer current mass selection of taps with free genetic ancestry hermafroditismos. These by using only females to get to work us to lose stability and genetic diversity that so many hard-won years from landraces (varieties pure), taking advantage of inbreeding that eventually hit our beloved plant.

For our projects we have carried out a selection of both males and females of varieties for Xtreme Seeds Co. have always been and will be exceptional from America and Europe.

In any case we will use for our crossing selected clones, all well known among large Cannabis Growers, from cannabis collective of national or international significance or Icmag Cannabiscafé ... by which these are preserved all these great jewels genetic.

Some of these genetic wonders feature them feminized version only.

All Seeds Co. Xtreme crops are made of earth and manure, trying to bring the full ecology of seed production in our medical collector. Nevertheless for the production of seeds feminized plants are treated with some compounds deprive them of the categorization of organic seeds. Ie regular seeds are biological and ecological but never feminized despite some brands will insist that their production is biological.