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More info about this breeder:

"Delta-9 Labs Cannabis Seeds came to exist after 9 years of hands on experience working, documenting and observing the cannabis seed industry. In the late 90's seed companies were sprouting as fast as the seeds themselves, so our goal was to create an earth friendly business while maintaining consistency and value for medical cannabis patients seeking the finest genetics. We should know what heals since we are registered medical marijuana patients ourselves and personally breed as well as test our varieties first hand.

"We travelled the world seeking new varieties to work into our breeding program. At Delta-9 Labs we constantly network and communicate with some of the world's top breeders and strive to set the highest standards in our labs. The Delta 9 Labs Seeds breeding and production regimen follows strict organic guidelines and tests the viability of their seeds on a weekly basis. With the proper conditions (and in a legal environment) you could achieve a 100% germination success. When purchasing our seeds please notice the "born on dating" we use to identify when the seeds were made. We wish you a bountiful harvest."