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8 Cannabis Strains

Name of the strain Indica or Sativa? Indoor or Outdoor? Flowering time in days Female seeds? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker User-Votings
Automazing ruderalis/indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 55
Don Tangelo mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 65
El Cid indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 70
Kaligria indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 67
King-Kong mostly sativa Indoor 84
KushDee mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 67
Westside mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 60
Zilvermist mostly sativa Indoor 77

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Award winning company ALLSTAR GENETICS creates, hybrids of the future and brings out the most loved, Amsterdam coffeeshop favorites in seed form. Years, of cultivation experience and quality standard makes, Allstar Genetics the new generation seed company.