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Spiritual Punk (Samsara Seeds)

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Sweet; Floral; Jasmine; Spicy; Herbs; Pepper

This chart was created by pan4gold49 and is currently a personal opinion.

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Spicy / Herbs / Pepper

The following 62 cannabis-strains was described as "Spicy / Herbs / Pepper" onto "Taste".

Jack the Ripper F2; Liberty Haze; Morning Glory; Pineapple Chunk; Tangerine Dream; White Prussian; CBD MediHaze; Peyote Purple; Trainwreck; Kushberry; SnowLAnd; Queen Mother; Critical Jack Herer Auto; Cheese; Dinachem; White Widow; Caramel Candy Kush; Tallryder; White Dragon; Rhino Ryder; BubbleGummer; C99; Lemon Thai; Himalaya Gold; Super Lemon Haze; TrainWreck; Blue Dream; Viper; Haze Special; KC 45; Amnesi-K; Mataro Blue; Sadhu Deluxe; Satori Deluxe; Speed Queen; 2046; Romulan Cheese; Master Kush; Jacky White; Cole Train; OG Kush; X18 Pure Pakistani; Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze; Lemon Haze; Spiritual Punk; CBD Hash Plant; Skunk Haze; Sugar Haze; Guerrillas Gusto; Hindu Kush; Jack Herer; Maple Leaf Indica; Nothern Lights; Chronic; Black Jack; Jack 47; Timewreck; Blue Dream Haze; Bleu Berries; Purple Haze; Domina Star; Lowryder F1

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Here you can find the varieties of cannabis which were tagged by our users with certain characteristics in terms of Taste. Altogether there are currently 728 varieties of cannabis in this cloud.

Sweet; Floral; Nectar; Rose; Jasmine; Vanilla; Cherry Blossom; Apricot Tree; Orange Blossom; Lilac; Violet; Fruity; Berry; Raspberry; Strawberry; Blackberry; Blueberry; Cranberry; Tropical; Passion Fruit; Pineapple; Cantaloupe; Mango; Kiwi; Banana; Coconut; Grape; Apricot; Cherry; Plum; Peach; Apple; Pear; Sugar; Honey; Bubble Gum; Cookie Dough; Peanutbutter; Butterscotch; Chocolate; Marshmallow; Whipped Cream; Licorice; Sour; Citrus; Lemon; Sweet Lemon; Lime; Lemon Grass; Grapefruit; Orange; Blood Orange; Tangerine; Dairy; Butter; Cheese; Hot Milk; Sour Cream; Acidic; Spicy; Hot; Mustard; Teriyaki; Curry; Chili; Tabasco; Soy Sauce; BBQ Sauce; Mint; Spearmint; Herbs; Ginger; Pepper; Cinnamon; Sage; Basilicum; Thyme; Dill; Saffron; Cloves; Parsley; Fennel; Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Pine; Maple; Hashish; Bitter; Nuts; Fresh Nuts; Macadamia; Walnut; Hazelnut; Tonsil; Rosted Nuts; Pistachio; Sesame; Peanut; Chestnut; Chemical; Coughsyrup; Medicine; Metal; Poison; Glue; Diesel; Tar; Organic; Cucumber; Chives; Tee; Cocoa; Coffee; Tobacco; Onion; Garlic; Vinegar; Salty; Microbiological; Rot; Earth; Musky; Mold; Sweat; Charcoal; Wood; Alcohol; Chalk; Soda; Leather

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