Blue Dream Chart (Taste)

Blue Dream (Humboldt Seed Organisation)

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Sweet; Floral; Fruity; Berry; Raspberry; Blackberry; Blueberry; Cranberry; Tropical; Passion Fruit; Sour; Citrus; Sweet Lemon; Spicy; Hot; Herbs; Pepper; Pine; Hashish; Bitter; Organic

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Strain-Clouds - Taste

Sweet / Fruity / Berry / Blackberry

The following 34 cannabis-strains was described as "Sweet / Fruity / Berry / Blackberry" onto "Taste".

Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1; Pink Lotus; Blue Cheese; Blue Gelato 41; Crimea Blue; Utopia Haze; Goji OG; CBD Therapy; Purple Urkel; Kushberry; Northern Light Blue Auto; Blue Hash; American Beauty; Blueberry; Gorilla Cookies; Very Berry; White Rhino; 707 TruthBand; Black D O G; Blue Dream; Blue God; Blue Mystic; Ice; New York Power Diesel; White Rhino; White Berry; Blue Mistic; Blue Berry; Pyramic; Alien OG; Blueberry Bliss Auto; Strawberry Blue; Blueberry Automatic; Strawberry Cough Automatic

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Sweet; Floral; Nectar; Rose; Jasmine; Vanilla; Cherry Blossom; Apricot Tree; Orange Blossom; Lilac; Violet; Fruity; Berry; Raspberry; Strawberry; Blackberry; Blueberry; Cranberry; Tropical; Passion Fruit; Pineapple; Cantaloupe; Mango; Kiwi; Banana; Coconut; Grape; Apricot; Cherry; Plum; Peach; Apple; Pear; Sugar; Honey; Bubble Gum; Cookie Dough; Peanutbutter; Butterscotch; Chocolate; Marshmallow; Whipped Cream; Licorice; Sour; Citrus; Lemon; Sweet Lemon; Lime; Lemon Grass; Grapefruit; Orange; Blood Orange; Tangerine; Dairy; Butter; Cheese; Hot Milk; Sour Cream; Acidic; Spicy; Hot; Mustard; Teriyaki; Curry; Chili; Tabasco; Soy Sauce; BBQ Sauce; Mint; Spearmint; Herbs; Ginger; Pepper; Cinnamon; Sage; Basilicum; Thyme; Dill; Saffron; Cloves; Parsley; Fennel; Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Pine; Maple; Hashish; Bitter; Nuts; Fresh Nuts; Macadamia; Walnut; Hazelnut; Tonsil; Rosted Nuts; Pistachio; Sesame; Peanut; Chestnut; Chemical; Coughsyrup; Medicine; Metal; Poison; Glue; Diesel; Tar; Organic; Cucumber; Chives; Tee; Cocoa; Coffee; Tobacco; Onion; Garlic; Vinegar; Salty; Microbiological; Rot; Earth; Musky; Mold; Sweat; Charcoal; Wood; Alcohol; Chalk; Soda; Leather

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