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Cheese (Green House Seeds)

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Head; Activating; Uplifting; Light headed; Exhilarating; Relaxing; Thought provoking; Meditativ; Aphrodisiac; Racy; Spacy / Confusing; Psychedelic; Frightening; Body; Calming; Couchlocking; Sleepy; Narcotic; Dizzying; Nervous / Fidgety; Energetic; Appetizing; Pain numbing

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Body / Energetic

The following 404 cannabis-strains was described as "Body / Energetic" onto "Effect".

Chocolate Skunk; Orient Express; Panama; Actual Sativa; OG Kush-LemonLarry IBL; Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1; Sweet Tooth 3 BX1; Jack the Ripper F2; Cindy; Amnesia Lemon; CBD Critical Cure; Critical Kush; Dr Grinspoon; G13 Haze; Honey B; LSD; Liberty Haze; Morning Glory; Pineapple Chunk; Red Dragon; Tangerine Dream; Vanilla Kush; Cheese; Chiesel; Big Freeze; ChocoDurban; Silver Rocket; Speed Haze; Goji OG; Shiesel; Manga Rosa; Kalis Mistery; Perfect Power Plant; White Prussian; Green Rasta; CBD Skunk Haze; Afghani Milk; Destroyer; Mextiza; Northern Lights x Skunk Nr1; Orange Bud; White Indica; Blueberry Haze; Green Crack; Heavy Duty Haze; Victory; Custard Cream; Purple Paralysis; Banana Split; Dwarf Low Flyer; Flo; True Blueberry; C-13 Haze; Cannalope Haze; Chocolope; Holy Grail Kush; LA Confidential; Lemon OG Kush; Lemon Skunk; ReCon; Sour Krypt; Tangilope; Mexican Haze; Lilly; Queen Mother; Caramelo; Cotton Candy; Critical Jack Herer; Critical Jack Herer Auto; Critical Kali Mist; Critical Neville Haze; Critical Sensi Star; Critical Super Silver Haze; Il Diavolo; La Bella Afrodita; La Diva; Northern Light Blue Auto; Sugar Black Rose; Jordan Page-B; Vegan Safari; Amnesia XXL Autoflowering; Blue Cheese; Blue Hash; Blue Kush; Bubba Kush Autoflowering; Cheese; Critical Jack; Critical Plus; Critical Plus 2; Haze 2 Autoflowering; Haze XXL Autoflowering; Moby Dick; Moby Dick CBD; OG Kush; Original Amnesia; Purple Orange CBD; Super Silver; Buzz Light Gear; Kripple Shock; American Beauty; Crystal METH; King Kong; AutoDaiquiri Lime; AutoMazar; AutoXtreme; Blue Velvet; Blueberry; CBD Skunk Haze; Desfran; Durban Poison; Dutch Haze; Euforia; Frisian Dew; Hollands Hope; Jorges Diamonds Nr1; Lemon Zkittle; Mazar; Orange Bud; Power Plant; Skunk Nr1; Snowbud; StarRyder; Think Different; Trance; Tundra; White Widow; Tallryder; The True OG; Lost Coast OG; Blueberry Sativa; Chocolate Rain; Black Dream; Jamaican Dream; Sir Jack; Girl Scout Cookies; Grapefruitmatic; Green Crack; Black Widow; C99; C99 Hybrid; Easy Sativa; Grapefruit; ICE; Nevills Haze Hybrid; Outdoor Grapefruit; Red Purps; SexBud; Early Durban; G Force; Pineapple Express; Blessings OG; Super Silver Bilbo; Bay 11; Automatic AK-47; Automatic Mary; AMS; Arjans Haze Nr1; Big Bang; Cheese; Great White Shark; Green-O-Matic; Hawaiian Snow; Himalaya Gold; Jack Herer; Kalashnikova; Kings Kush; Lemon Skunk; Super Lemon Haze; Super Silver Haze; The Church; White Widow; Amnesia; Enemy of the State; Old Elephant; Malawi Gold; Mozambique Poison; Armageddon; Caramella; Jah Herer; TOP44; Blue Dream; Dedoverde Haze; Green Crack; Sapphire OG; Sour Diesel Nr2; Jaffa Cake; Diesel Ryder; Lowryder Nr2; Brains Choice; KC 33; KC 36; KC 45; Spontanica; TNR; Amnesi-K; BCN Diesel; BCN Diesel Automatica; B Lee; Faraona; Mataro Blue; Russian Doll; Thai Fantasy; Automatic Blueberry; Automatic Lemon Skunk; Automatic White Widow; Autozone; 8 Miles High; Beyond the Brain; Fruitylicious; Ganesh; Hashberry; Kalichakra Deluxe; Mandala Nr1; Rishi Kush; Sadhu Deluxe; Satori Deluxe; Speed Queen; White Satin Deluxe; Vanilla Haze; Channel Plus; Mendocino Purple Kush; No Name; Sour Diesel; Y Griega; Blue Blood CBD; Mandarin Haze; White Widow; Black Widow; Critical Mass; Shark Shock; Super Silver Haze; Monasteria; AK-48; Afghan; Blue Mystic; Chrystal; Durban Poison; Early Special; Hawaii x Maui Waui; Jock Horror; K2; KC 33 x Master Kush; Misty; New York Power Diesel; PPP; Papaya; Royal Flush; Silver Pearl; Snow White; Sterling Haze; Swiss Cheese; White Rhino; White Widow; Atomical Haze; Auto Acid; Bella Donna; Delahaze; Dutch Dragon; Magic Bud; Nebula; Opium; Sensi Star; Sweet Purple; Wappa; White Berry; Grapefruit Diesel; K-13; Caramelice; Purple Haze Nr1; Alpujarrena; Auto Purple; Tutankhamon; Ghost Train Haze Nr1; Headband; OG Kush; RKS; Silver Bubble; Skywalker Kush; Sour Tangie; Tora Bora; Chemdog Sour Diesel; Sideral; Amnesia Haze; Amnesia Haze Automatic; Bubblegum XL; Diesel Automatic; Fruit Spirit; Haze Berry; Lemon Haze; Power Flower; Quick One; Royal Dwarf; Royal Moby; Shining Silver Haze; Special Kush Nr1; Special Queen Nr1; White Widow Automatic; Matanuska Tundra; Holy Grail 69; Shot Adrenaline; Spicy White Devil; Ultraviolet; Sterling Haze; Jamaican Grape; Champagne Kush; Indian Skunk; Original Skunk Nr1; Skunk Haze; Sugar Haze; Afghani Nr1; Big Bud; California Indica; Durban; Early Skunk; Ed Rosenthal Super Bud; Fruity Juice; Hindu Kush; Jack Flash; Jack Herer; Jamaican Pearl; Mexican Sativa; Northern Lights Nr5 X Haze; Sensi Skunk Automatic; Shiva Shanti II; Silver Haze Nr9; Skunk Kush; Skunk Nr1; Super Skunk; AK47; Bubble Gum; Kali Mist; Serious 6; White Russian; White Russian Autoflowering Nr1; Star 99; Auto Assassin; Mi5; Russian Rocket Fuel; Green Crack; Lavender; NYC Diesel; SoGouda; Somango; Somaui; Legends Ultimate Indica; AK Automatic; Blue Berry; Blue Medi Kush; Gold Bar Kush; Mega Power Plant; Power Plant; Super Skunk; Big Devil Auto; Black Jack; Botafumeiros; Cream Caramel; Crystal Candy; Ganesh Spirit; Green Poison F1 Fast Version; Ice Cool; Jack 47; Jack 47 Auto; Psicodelicia; SAD Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto; Speed Devil Nr2 Auto; Sweet Cheese Auto; Agent Orange; Pennywise; Sonic Screwdriver; Spacedawg; Timewreck; Heavy Duty Fruity; Mk-Ultra; Sage n Sour; UnderDawg OG; Blackwater; Girl Scout Cookies; Jamaican OG; Zeppelin; Ciskei; Emmentaler; Grand Daddy Purple; Morango; Pitbull; K8; White Chocolate; AK-49; Critical Impact; Afghan Kush; Double Gum; White Skunk; Colombian Gold; Mazar x White Rhino; Star 47; Stoned Immaculate; Strawberry Blue; Sweet Coffee Ryder; Amnesia Haze Automatic; Bubblegum; Choco Haze; Gorilla Glue; Sour Diesel; Dansk Diesel; Lowryder F1

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Head; Activating; Uplifting; Light headed; Exhilarating; Relaxing; Thought provoking; Meditativ; Aphrodisiac; Racy; Spacy / Confusing; Psychedelic; Stressful; Frightening; Paranoic; Body; Calming; Couchlocking; Sleepy; Narcotic; Dizzying; Nervous / Fidgety; Energetic; Appetizing; Pain numbing

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