CannaFox :: SeedFinder's Firefox Add-On

The Marijuana Add-On for your Firefox

CannaFox Logo New on the SeedFinder: The CannaFox Marijuana Add-On for your Firefox! With this little tool you can integrate some of SeedFinder's features - like a cannabis strain search, a strain browser and our ThreadFinder - right into your browser!

The add-on is installed quickly - and quickly uninstalled - so give it a try! It does not leave any information or other types of cannabis data on your hard disk, it records nothing and does not collect any data from you, it works quietly in the background. And of course, no user account or identification is required!

First steps & info

After installation you will not notice any differences in the browser at first glance. To open the CannaFox-Sidebar simply click on the "View" menu in your browser, select "Sidebar", and then select the Cannafox there. Or simply press Alt + W.
You also have the opportunity to add a dynamic bookmark button to one of your menu bars. To do so, open the menu under "View / Toolbars / Customize" and drag&drop the SeedFinder/CannaFox logo to the desired location.

All other information can be found here onto the Mozilla CannaFox Page!

Actual Version: 0.6

The CannaFox is not finished yet, over the time there will be some upgrades and more functions. The design will be a little nicer, the handling a little bit better - and of course we also like to incorporate your ideas and needings! So if you have a suggestion for improvement, if you notice a mistake, a bug or an absurdity - do not hesitate to give us a hint! For this purpose you can use our mini-forum - or send us a message via the contact form, we are happy about any feedback!

Get the CannaFox!

The CannaFox has its own page at Mozilla where you can you download the latest version and install it directly. It's quick and easy - but of course you need a Firefox browser for it. ;) Check it out!