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Strain: Blueberry Cheese
Breeder: Zambeza
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica
Flowering: ~60 days
Only female seeds.

Zambeza - Blueberry Cheese

Blueberry Cheese: Delicious berry flavours and massive plants

Blueberry and White Cheese are both excellent strains on their own. Excellent cheese is often characterized by hints of flavours you wouldnít necessarily expect. Zambeza Seeds is a seedbank with strong roots in the Netherlands. It was only a matter of honour to refine our White Cheese, with some interesting Blueberry flavours. When the curing, or in this case the ripening process, is done correctly, one can expect blossoms that burst full of amazing berry and cheese flavours.

Blueberry Cheese flowers for approximately 60 days, and yields 400-450g/m≤, when itís grown indoors. With an optimized feeding regime, plants reach indoor heights of 100-130cm. This is pretty much the ideal size for most grow tents. Outdoor- and guerrilla growers who found a good spot, with lots of sun hours per day, can expect to harvest 400-500 g per plant. Blueberry Cheese grows to respectable sizes outdoors, up to heights of 150-200cm. Itís fascinating to watch Blueberry Cheese thrive under the sun, growing vigorously, by reflecting the beauty of nature it its magnificent appearance. Growers can count on reliable, indica-dominant growing traits, and sturdy plants that are easy to manage.

Blueberry Cheese provides a strong physical effect that is mainly relaxing but also induces a unique sensation of happiness that slowly creeps up on you, making you want to start giggle about things that are only medium funny without being stoned. Our White Cheese brings a lot of potency into this crossing: Expect THC levels of 18% and a massive production of white trichomes at the end of the flowering! Last doubts about Blueberry Cheese usually go up in smoke when flavours are being examined. This berry flavoured Dutch cheese convinces with sweet and fruity aromas that are blended with spicy cheese and musk. This composition of flavours will most likely promote tears of joy that need to be controlled when entering the grow room. Honestly!

Zambeza Seeds is ready to export their Blueberry Cheese all over Europe. Letís end the times of average tasting bud, and grow strains that turn our tent into an oasis for our senses. If there is one strain that does a reliable job in helping us to achieve this goal, then itís Blueberry Cheese. We like to offer these excellent genetics for an affordable price. Zambeza Seeds knows what it takes to grow excellent cannabis and want to supply, support and help growers, without ripping them off. Give Blueberry Cheese a chance and be amazed by this plant, fast & discreet shipment, and our dedicated customer service!

Genetics: Blueberry x White Cheese
THC: 18%
Flowering time: +/- 60 days
Type: Indica dominant
Height indoor: 100 - 130cm
Height outdoor: 150 - 200cm
Yield indoor g/m≤: 400 - 450g
Yield outdoor g/plant: 400 - 500g
Taste: Sweet, Fruity, Musky
Effect: Stoned, Happy, Giggly

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