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Strain: Auto Pain no More
Breeder: Dispensario Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Flowering: Automatic flowering
~70 days (From seedling to harvest.)
No feminized seeds.

Dispensario Seeds - Auto Pain no More

Our genetic for Cream Caramel is a high productive variety for us, couse its flowers quality, cristal resin...
We wanted cross it with our Auto Bubblegum strains to have a monster of Autoflowering.

After 15 crosses we've got it this strain stabilized.

We recommend to use big pots for Autoflowering plants, and put it 20 hours down light first 15 days, also you can use nutrients, root stimulators...

Genetics: AUTO BROWN CARAMEL stabilized
Flowering period: 50-60 days.
Yield: Very high (We recommend 22 hs light cycle min.).
Size: 120 cm - 140 cm.
Taste: Fruit, caramel.

Where can you get this strain?

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Strain Lineage / Genealogy

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› Auto Pain no More (Dispensario Seeds)

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