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Strain: Amnesia Haze Ultra CBD
Breeder: Élite Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly sativa
Flowering: ~60 days
Only female seeds.

Élite Seeds - Amnesia Haze Ultra CBD

Elite Seeds presents here the new version of Amnesia Haze, with shorter flowering period and milder effect, too intense for many cannabis users.
Amnesia Haze Ultra CBD is a hybrid that retains the taste and character of the Amnesia Haze while providing high CBD contents, which makes this strain to have milder effect and medicinal applications.
It ends its bloom in only 8-9 weeks, with high yields and resinous buds with lemony flavour. It can contain up to 11% CBD and 9.5% THC.

Where can you get this strain?

This strain is momentarily available from:

3 x feminized 7 x feminized
PEV Seeds Bank 22.00 € 53.00 €
Alchimia Grow Shop 24.00 € -
Oaseeds 20.40 € 47.60 €
Cannapot Hanfshop 24.00 € 56.00 €

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