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Strain: Amnesia
Breeder: GreenLabel Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: indica/sativa
Flowering: ~65 days
Only female seeds.

GreenLabel Seeds - Amnesia

This strain exploded in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene in the late 2000ís, and its fame quickly spread to other parts of the world. Its intense, yet uplifting high has made it a favourite for those looking to boost their creativity, as well as suiting the veteran smoker that is looking for something a little bit stronger than the average herb.

Amnesia is relatively easy to grow, and thrives without requiring too much nutrients. She tends to stretch a bit during the first two to three weeks of flowering, but will reward you with super resinous, rock solid nugs. The stretching also has an upside: it makes Amnesia a good contender for those looking to grow her in a Screen of a Green, where high yields are possible with a limited number of plants per square metre.

The flavour and scent of the final product is unique and is a composition of lemons and pine, due to high terpene contents of limonene and myrcene. When dried and cured properly, Amnesia will be extremely smooth on the lungs.

Flowering Indoor: 60-65 days
Harvest Outdoor: Mid-end October
Genetics: Haze x Northern Lights x secret landraces

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