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Server and Admin moved...

Post made at Saturday 5th of January 2013 03:23:35 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: intern, seedfinder

Welcome in the new year - and on our new server in the Netherlands! The move is almost finished and everything should work again - if not, please get in touch with us! But not only the server emigrated from Germany - the complete Seedfinder team (klaas) has moved - greetings from the sunny south of Tenerife! Now we are ready for a lots of nice updates, new options and changes - but more info later ;-) Up to this time: Have fun with the new server and see you later!


Permanent links for the Wizard!

Post made at Sunday 9th of September 2012 06:22:14 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: wizard, intern

Up from now our cannabis strain wizard delivers permanent links for the actual selected filters! Onto this way you can preselect strains for friends and send them the link to the selection very simple - or you can use the links to bookmark your own strain-selection! If you are using an actual browser, the urls should change directly into the browsers navigation bar - if you are using an old browser you need to copy the link from the box into the left menu (where you also can change the language).

I hope you like this new option, and here as a test a link to a preselection for beginner friendly cannabis-strains!


New filters for the Strain-Wizard

Post made at Thursday 17th of May 2012 09:07:21 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: wizard, db, intern

Now you can add the following new filters to our Cannabis Strain Wizard:

* Flowering time (indoor)
* Growth Behavior (including different subfilters) and
* 3 filters for the yield (Amount, The ratio of leaves to buds and Compactness)


New: Dr. Wizard - The Strain Selector

Post made at Monday 14th of May 2012 04:26:38 AM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: wizard, db, intern

The first and raw version of our new strain wizard is online now! Now you can filter your strains not only with the breeder-info but also with the strain review data from our users! At the moment not all filters are activated (its the first beta version), but you can already choose between aroma, taste, high, effects, ratings and more then 30 different strain-attributes right now - and much more will follow in the next days. You can combine all the filters as you like - and also the table byself is order- and sortable, so i hope this will become a realy useful tool for you :) But please note, what you see right now is the first beta-version (and its in the middle of the night now) so i hope it will work well for you ;-) if something seems to be wrong - please let me know! see you later, klaas


SeedFinder goes HTML5

Post made at Thursday 29th of September 2011 11:10:33 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: seedfinder, intern, html5, svg, cloud

We changed our doctype to HTML5 now! This will bring us some new options, but we hope thats not noticeable for the moment ;) Where we are headed, it can be shown in a first small example. We will integrate some new stuff step by step, but as a first step and example we have updated our strain clouds for aroma, taste and effect right now :) Until now we included our pie-charts as old-fashioned, big PNG files or with the google chart api - now we can deliver nice vector graphics as inline SVG. These not only look better and load faster, they also are even prettier scalable. Here is a good example: Acidic aroma-cloud with pie-chart for Mandala #1. (And some more onto the strain info page.) Check it out, and hopefully you will also see the piechart - but normally it should work with the most (actual) browsers. (If not - please send us a short message and we will see what we can do!)


Climate zone update + Grow weather

Post made at Monday 22nd of August 2011 04:30:33 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: clima, climate, weather, zones, intern

Get weather data, possible months and cannabis-strains worldwide with seedfinders new climate options. You can see a longtime climate overview, usable months for growth and flowering and possible strains for the local climate for every point on the globe now. We also updated our climate specification system to a better integrative (ecophysiological) one! Here you will find all info.


Köppen–Geiger climate classification system

Post made at Saturday 30th of July 2011 02:56:30 AM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: climate, zones, koeppen, geiger, db, intern, outdoor

From now on we can show cannabis strain info and reviews arranged to climate zones according to the universal Köppen / Geiger climate classification. This system is based on the concept that native vegetation is the best expression of climate. Thus, climate zone boundaries have been selected with vegetation distribution in mind. It combines average annual and monthly temperatures and precipitation, and the seasonality of precipitation. We use our own database with the actual climate data from the past 23 years to calculate this zones, onto this way we can deliver an actual and fairly accurately image (onto a 0.5 ° lat/long grid). This allows us to collect and evaluate information like flowering times, yields and so one for the different regions - and in the ideal case, the future farmer may find suitable or unsuitable varieties better than ever before!

Click here to go to SeedFinders climate index page, all functions are working now, for example, you can already see all strains suitable for a particular climate zone in an ordered list by average rating. With the help of our climate zone picker you can also point your spot on a map to get the local climate (as well as suitable strains for this place). What's missing are a few custom maps, explanations and overviews for the individual climate zones, but the interested reader will find some more info here onto the pages of the University of Vienna (very detailed) or at Wikipedia (probably not as accurate, but a little easier).

PS: This feature replaces the old Outdoor Plant Finder and the previous classification of the ountdoor reviews to the latitude. Geo-coordinates are no longer displayed in the future, the flowering times will be now displayed also separately for northern and southern hemisphere.


New Strain-Menu and Strain-Browser

Post made at Wednesday 15th of June 2011 11:07:20 AM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: seedfinder, strainbrowser, intern, db

Since tonight you'll see the new menu item "Strain-Browser" top left in the SeedFinder. When you click on it you should see a choice for all breeders and varieties if you do not have JavaScript turned off. This should save you some clicks and time, now you can go from anywhere quickly to all strain/beeder infos. Furthermore there is a new menu for the strain information and uploads. This menu will be shown directly under the strain-browser, on all pages with information about a specific variety and will also work without JavaScript ;) Using this new menu, you can quickly and easily identify and find all the uploaded information about a strain - and also the links to upload and add your own strain-info! This menu hopefully protects you against going loop ways and will help to find all the connected straininfo much easier than before :)


Maps and More!

Post made at Tuesday 7th of June 2011 09:40:59 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: map, breeder, seedfinder, db, news, intern

The breeders in the SeedFinder now have their own dynamic Strain- and Hybrid-Map! With this new feature you can visualize all the varieties, their parents (and their descendants) of a breeder. You can center the different strains, you come from there directly to the variety descriptions and you can generate more maps (for example for a parent) to quickly find similar strains. Tip: You are able to zoom, stretch or rotate the maps which can be quite helpful! The keyboard shortcuts for that you'll see in the legend, top left of the map.

The whole thing is still in beta, it works better here and there, but it can quickly be a little confusing if too many varieties appear on the map. But hey, it's a start, and at some point I may will find the time to optimize this maps a little further ;) If anyone like to help us to build an even more stylish and more usable visualization, just do it, onto http://thejit.org/ you can find the JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit with which we have also crafted our own maps. There are also some other great opportunities for the presentation, but you will see - it's not quite as easy with a few hundred species in one single map ;)

Lots more has changed in recent weeks / months - even if you should have not noticed much of it, most have changed in the background. It was time to clean up a little bit, to bring some structure to the project and to prepare some stuff to make the future updates easier and faster for me ;) The ThanksGiving-Game for example ... From time to time the draw has been delayed a bit - simply because I have not found the time to do the raffle ... Well, I'm sorry, but this does not happen in the future, the draw is now automatic :) New (and visible) are the first "breadcrumbs" for the database - which facilitate the internal navigation - and by the way also google seems to like that ;) Over time this will spread through the entire SeedFinder, hope you will like this too :)

One more thing... Because we were always just on the cleanup we have also optimized our databases - be happy with the new, around 10 times faster query time ;) Yeah, its not a bad idea to have a look from time to time ;) Ok, that no matter for most requests onto our page, but if you view large genealogy trees or hybrid-maps it will be (hopefully) a little noticeable and some seconds faster than before! (And by the way I need only half of the ice for cooling the server.)

Well, I will not list everything here, the spring cleaning is still ongoing - and also some wicked new features will coming soon! Just one example: A giant wizard for strain selection - based only on the user reviews and quite configurable (with all the options from our strain review function)! But patience, patience - the majority is already done - but it will take a little while yet - then it'll be really, really cool ;=)

Allright, see you later,


New page for the latest news!

Post made at Thursday 6th of January 2011 10:35:12 PM by SeedFinder
posted in SeedFinder's News/Info
Tags: intern, seedfinder, latest, news

Short info: Up from now you'll find here a page with the latest uploads from the last 2 weeks! For example pictures, reviews, videos and so one...


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