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Body / Nervous / Fidgety

The following 156 cannabis-strains was described as "Body / Nervous / Fidgety" onto "Effect".

Malawi; Actual Sativa; Transkei Green; OG Kush-LemonLarry 1 1; OG Kush-LemonLarry IBL; Crimea Blue; G13 Haze; Honey B; LSD; Liberty Haze; Utopia Haze; Speed Haze; White Dwarf; Green Rasta; Destroyer; White Indica; Heavy Duty Haze; Chemodo Dragon; C-13 Haze; LA Confidential; Martian Mean Green; Mexican Haze; Queen Mother; Cotton Candy; Critical Neville Haze; Amnesia XXL Autoflowering; Blue Cheese; Critical Jack; Haze 2 Autoflowering; Brooklyn Mango; AutoMazar; AutoXtreme; Blueberry; Durban Poison; Dutch Haze; Euforia; Hollands Hope; Passion Nr1; Skunk Nr1; Snowbud; StarRyder; Think Different; Trance; White Widow; High Level; White Dragon; Black Widow; C99 Hybrid; Easy Sativa; Nevills Haze Hybrid; Outdoor Grapefruit; Pure AK; Diesel Auto; Super Silver Bilbo; AMS; Cheese; Great White Shark; Lemon Skunk; Super Lemon Haze; Super Silver Haze; White Rhino; Malawi Gold; Jah Herer; Blue Dream; Jaffa Cake; Diesel Ryder; KC 45; Northern Light Special; White KC; BCN Diesel Automatica; B Lee; Mataro Blue; Queso; Automatic Lemon Skunk; Motavation; Autozone; 8 Miles High; Beyond the Brain; Hashberry; Mandala Nr1; Sadhu Deluxe; Satori Deluxe; Critical Mass; Afghan; Citral; Hawaii x Maui Waui; Ice; PPP; Short Ryder; Snow White; Swiss Cheese; White Widow; Auto Acid; Magic Bud; Nebula; Opium; Vertigo; Wappa; Auto Purple; Kings Cross; Headband; OG Kush; Chemdog Sour Diesel; Amnesia Haze Automatic; Bubblegum XL; Fruit Spirit; Haze Berry; Royal Dwarf; Royal Haze Automatic; Shining Silver Haze; Special Kush Nr1; Spicy White Devil; Mazari; Skunk Haze; Big Bud; Early Skunk; Jack Flash; Northern Lights Nr5 X Haze; Sensi Skunk; Sensi Skunk Automatic; Shiva Skunk; AK47; Kali Mist; White Russian; White Russian Autoflowering Nr1; Auto Assassin; Mi5; Russian Rocket Fuel; Super Cali Haze; Green Crack; Amnesia Haze; Afghan; Blue Medi Kush; White Lemon; Black Jack; Botafumeiros; Cream Caramel; Fast Bud Nr2 Auto; SAD Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto; Speed Devil Nr2 Auto; Timewreck; Girl Scout Cookies; Zeppelin; Emmentaler; Morango; Medical VIP; Membrana; AK-49; Critical Impact; Double Gum; Master Kush; White Diesel Haze Automatic; White Skunk; Stoned Immaculate; Strawberry Blue; Lowryder F1

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Here you can find the varieties of cannabis which were tagged by our users with certain characteristics in terms of Effect. Altogether there are currently 976 varieties of cannabis in this cloud.

Head; Activate; Uplifting; Light headed; Exhilarating; Relaxing; Thought provoking; Meditativ; Aphrodisiac; Racy; Spacy / Confusedly; Psychedelic; Stress; Creeps; Paranoia; Body; Calming; Couch Lock; Sleepy; Narcotic; Dizzy; Nervous / Fidgety; Energetic; Appetizing; Pain numbing

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